Clamp rack for 150 clamps

I have about 200 clamps for furniture making. This rack will hold about 150 of them. I has four 600lb casters, which it uses about 1200lbs of it.

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Thorreain ...

Any photos?

garysharp ...

I have 8 photo that I have NOT been able to post. I move the to the photo location and all I get is one picture all over the screen. Nothing posts???

garysharp ...

photos moved to original post

Thorreain ...

Very nice.

Matt_Rob ...

Very nicely organized A frame

Mike40 ...

Looks good. Small profile, portable and holds a lot.

garysharp ...

The rack is made from 64 inch of 4" channel and 38 feet of 3" channel and two fixed and two movable 600# casters welded together.
The original count of 150 was a W.A.G. from one of my students. The correct count is 209 clamps on the rack. The 25 clamps that are too long are stored in the closet or in the table that I designed and had in FWW issue 174.
Gary Foster