dreamin’ and wishin’ and wishin’ and dreamin’

((singing)) Oh won’t you build me a (build me a) countertop, baby
Planks of cherry wood (cherry wood) or just some maple



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Mike40 ...

Looks wonderful Debbie and with a lot of character, but maybe not so practical. I guess it would depend on the finish and there might be appropriate finishes out there that could do the job. Either way it’s a great dream!

MsDebbieP ...

I’m guessing a finish you’d use on boats?
And yes.. it’s a dream… you can do anything in a dream :)

unless someone volunteers to “build me a, build me a, countertop baby”

Manitario ...

mmmm…beautiful but I think in my dream I’d have to include someone to regularly refinish it…

MsDebbieP ...

lol a great idea!!! :)
and while we are at it .. let’s add someone to do the dishes.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Love it. Bringing mother nature indoors is always awesome.

MsDebbieP ...

I agree!