large torsion worktable #3: Table saw is in!

Am finally the table saw is in. I didn’t know that the bracket the hold the motor off the back hangs down about 3/8" to far so the table isn’t flush with the other tops so I’ll have to cut a spacer so that not a problem. But coming along well.

I am still waiting on the new fence and need to decide if I am going to put in the miter slot for the router.

If you dont like what you can buy, build it.

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Jeff Vandenberg ...

Now that looks really good. We’ll done looks very functional.

TonyCan ...

That looks good! Great ideas, i will probably be stealing some of those. I really like the layout.

jim webster ...

well done

a1jim ...

This came together very well great job.

Mike40 ...

Looks good. Will you be using this as a workbench too?

Oblivion ...

Thanks. Mike yes definitely