carving space and homemade setup #2: homemade log carving equipment

Started the day making the upright log holder. The blocks move and straps hold the log against block so when im carving the log dont turn and tip. I tried it with this log and seemed like itll work good but i will test it better when i do another carving. I used a brake drum from a semi and some metal from farm stuff
also made this work bench from scrap lumber i had laying around. And lat for the day is a log hand trailer. Meant to be used for carving name signs that i do a lot of. The log sits between the uprights to keep it steady. It takes some weight off for moving around if need be. I looked all over online for something like the log holder i made first but found nothing. So this is all just what i came up with today. Thanks for looking.

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Carvings by Levi

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Jeff Vandenberg ...

Very cool. Making some progress doing great

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Looks like your carving shop is coming along , keep posting

James L Wilcox ...

Love what you are sharing. You are an inspiration to the recycling momentum. For years at the Great New York State Fair, there is a wood carved by chain saw. Pure artistry is all I can say. You have an extraordinary talent and you have an air apprentice coming up, exceptional. Keep on sharing and thank you.

Carvings by Levi ...

Update. I finally tested the stuff i built. The trailer was awesome to carve on and move sign from back yard to front. The carving base did work for the fish i carved but some tweaking might be usefull.