WoodworkingWeb Gazette: Issue 2.10 (October 2015)

Can you believe that it is October already?! This year has flown by — perhaps it was the happiness of the cold winter temperatures finally disappearing last spring. Well, here we are again, heading into wint… oh let’s not go there. Instead, let me say, “here we are gain, heading into our Fall Awards Season.” Yes, that is much better.

Have you been looking forward to the fall? Any special projects in the works? We’d love to hear about what you are doing these days …

~ Debbie

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shipwright ...

Hi Debbie,
Are you aware that only your introductory remarks, masthead, and “From the Editor” graphic show up on iPads?
For several issues I wondered why there was no real content. It was only when I checked on my laptop that I found that there actually was content. :-)
Much better this way!

MsDebbieP ...

well isn’t that interesting … huh!!!
Oh, Martin!!!!!!