WoodworkingWeb Gazette: Issue 2.11 (November 2015)

The Gazette is looking a little different this month. I’m trying something new. This month we are focusing on “The Wooden Spoon” and we have a challenge for you…

So, a tad different. Can’t wait to get your feedback.

~ Debbie

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MsDebbieP ...

we had a little technical difficulties with Thomas’ tutorial blog posting…
anticipation is good, right? :D

shipwright ...

Still not showing on my IPad Debbie.

lanwater ...

I like the new format MsDebbie.

I don’t see any tutorial either.
I would like to attempt making a spoon for the fun of it.

I believe tutorial / classes are a great feature to have.

MsDebbieP ...

shipwright: I know that Martin was going to look into it. I’ll remind him and see where he is at with that.

Ianwater: yah, it got “stuck” somewhere along the line. Just waiting for Thomas to re-write it. (Poor THomas.. sorry about that).

and thanks re: tutorials – I hope to have one every month for our Gazette. So beware everyone – I’ll be knocking on your doors for volunteers!

Bagtown ...

Where and what is the challenge?



MsDebbieP ...

Thomas will be posting the tutorial this week. We had a little technical glitch which has slowed us down.
Thanks for being patient!
(Check Thomas’ blogs and I’ll be posting something as well)

MsDebbieP ...

ok.. here we go!!

ok.. here we go!!Thomas has posted the first part of the Spoon Challenge blog!
Check it out and start creating https://woodworkingweb.com/entries/792-how-to-make-a-wooden-spoon