Bois D'arc #1: Bois D'arc (Osage Orange)

In a previous post I showed some logs that were given to me.

I finally got around to do something with one of them. Splitting the big beast.

Now we are starting to see some action

This was done over a period of three days. I used 3 Axes, 2 Sledges, one steel wedge and as many oak wedges as I needed. I think that I made 12 total. This is the hardest wood I have ever tried to split. As you can see it has strands of fibers that will not let go. I would wack at the log and hear it crackle, let is sit until it was quiet and wack away again. Took about 3 days.


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Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

  • Part 1: Bois D'arc (Osage Orange)

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MsDebbieP ...

and isn’t it beautiful wood!

We have an osage orange tree that is going to come down — the new shoots that are popping up are too many to keep tidy (and those thorns, oh my!!)

Manitario ...

wow, that’s crazy. I’ve never worked with osage orange, sounds like a lot of work!

Steve Tow ...

Never worked with any of that. Is it a tough one ?

Madts ...

Tougher than a Viking on Mushrooms.