My work bench #4: New (old) vice.

The other day I was asked by my wife to take some stuff to her church sale. i did as asked.
When I got there somebody had left this thing at the door. I snagged it.
The vice is a Colombian D44. It also swivels. Nice vice.

When I got home I google it so I could pay a proper price for it. It came out to ca. $50 which is ok by me as Texas City has a lot of poor people in it and this church caters to the poor.

It was rather rusty. I think it was one of those mounted on the back bumper of a welding truck.
Could need new insertable jaws, but I made my own. I made some from oak on my band saw.


Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

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lanwater ...

:) $50 well spent. poverty is on the rise in many communities.

The vice has character and I am sure a story too.

Mike40 ...

Looks good and the anvil should be handy too.