Project #5: Dad's Fridge Magnet

With fathers day fast approaching I decided to have a whirl at making a fridge magnet for my dad. I’ve now got plenty of scrap wood that was given to me and I found a roll of self adhesive magnetic strips in my arts and crafts kit.

I sanded down the wood and cut it to size ready to start carving with it. I had a rough sketch on a piece of paper giving me a basic idea of what it was meant to look like and by the time I’d got carried away shaping it and adding the letters it looked completely different!

My dad is originally from Ireland so I painted the magnet in the colours of the Irish flag and allowed it to dry before adding some magnetic strips that I cut down to size

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a1jim ...

your dad will love it.

Bo Peep ...

Thankyou 😊

Richforever ...

Nice project. It will always remind you of family.

Bo Peep ...

Thankyou I agree and my family is very important to me