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Table saw safety "kickback"

Not normally being one for what would be known here in UK as a “safety sally” I’m now going to start a tablesaw safety topic. I have being using table saws in one form or another since I was about 15 and before that assisting my dad with the...

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Need pointers on tools

Hi folks! My name is Doug (although it says Ronnie). I am a noob to all this save for whittling when I was in boy scouts (yes, I got my eagle scout badge). Anyway, I’m looking for advice on chisel and carvers. I also want a rotary tool. I am...

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Hi y'all! New Mexican wood working.

Hello all, my name is Doug. I’m looking for ideas, plans, andadvice. The only thing I’ve made is a pipe out of mesquite. After all the hard work just for a pipe, I fell in love with woodworking I’m working on acquiring tools now.

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I need to re-saw 2×6 in to 1×6, i don’t have a band saw, what are some other ways to do it? TIA

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Wolf (& Rabbit!)

trip to tanzania

i just returned from a long and exhausting visit to Tanzania. we went there to visit the craftsmen and artisans that recieved tools from our charity. The way it works is we gift tool kits to the Small industry development organisation, which is a...

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L-square Stop - Depth Gauge - Table Saw Setup Tool

This tool serves several functions. It can be used as: - an edge stop for L-squares; - a wide gap depth gauge; and, - as a set up tool for table saws. This tool allows the user to, easily, lay out lines at ninety degrees off...

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Small Parts Clamp

I’ve been using miniature Jorgensen clamp to hold small parts to cut them on the band saw or sand them on the big drum. I decided to experiment and these seem to work pretty good. These can be made in any size you desire. Too, there are various...

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This is my first post. I’ve enjoyed woodworking since the early 70’s. I’ve made and discarded a lot of pieces of furniture. I learn by trial and error, because I know very few people who enjoy woodwork like I do. I freely admit...

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Need a boring drill bit

I need a boring bit. I want one that is so boring I forget how easy it is to use it. I’m tired of the excitement caused by my cheap drill bits that start wandering all over creation. Those are loser bits. I want a winning bit. I want it to win so...

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Rev. George Hutson

I am a new subscriber, but have been enjoying Woodworking web project videos for some time. I am fairly new to woodworking. However, I’m finding that I have some skills that are working well for me. In the past I was a welder fabricator, so...

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Narinder Jugdev

The Rotation Situation

Well around New Years I slipped on the ice in Banff and did a nasty number on my shoulder. Torn rotator cuff is what they call it. I must work as I do enjoy eating so after a week of doing nothing I got myself back Into "MyHappyPlace😎 The...

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New toy!

Look what Santa Amazon brought me today! I plan to make big salt water fishing lures this winter. While looking for a hogger rasp I came across this guy. Works pretty well. Made quick work out of the end of this 2×3. Only cost $16.

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A shout out to Myrtlewood Gallery

Back in October 2013 my wife & I took a 14 day tent camping trip along the west coast from Los Angeles to almost the Washington border. We visited many galleries and was able to tour some of the work shops . I purchased...

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inexpensive hardware

Looking for hardware (for small box’s and such) feet,hinges,latch’s,decorative corners ,and so on around me there is Lee Valley great quality but a little pricey.Anybody have any suggestions I don’t have a problem buy in bulk (within reason...

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Bo Peep

Building A Workbench

My good old faithful workbench (apparently it’s actually a potting bench) is showing signs of old age and neglect. I have been looking after it as best I can but it is a bit more rickety now and the surface is uneven due to damp conditions. So...

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Wheaties  -  Bruce A Wheatcroft   ( BAW Woodworking)

Hot Tub Room Advice

Debbie e-mailed me and wanted to know if I would do on article on how to build a hot tub room. I told her I would be more than happy to share my experience in building our hot tub room. The first thing on the list, whether you are putting it in a...

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Who uses Facebook?

Hi folks, How many of you lovely folks here use Facebook? I have set up a group on Facebook as a talk page for people involved in the woodworking and timber industry from forestry operators and saw millers up to high end cabinet guys if any one...

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How do you set down a plane?

So folks how do you set down your planes? Another photo that caused offence on face book recently was this one. So many comments of lay you plane on its side. In the shop growing up as a kid I’d get a clip round the ear for putting a plane on...

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Narinder Jugdev

Woodshop in Michigan area?

I was contacted by a person in Michigan about a project and the shipping cost is outrageous from Calgary Canada. If anyone is in that area, let me know and I can recommend you for the job. An animal bookshelf like one I made last year.

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Wolf (& Rabbit!)

well, good riddance 2016

Happy New Year everyone. 2016 was not a fun time for me, I lost my Dad, my cat, many of my musical heroes and Gordie Howe….The world is in a mess and I can’t see anything good in the future but we live in hope, eh? Good luck and good fortune....