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New workbench for small workshop

I interested in creating a new workbench for my small workshop (from timber and plywood) to incorporate a small tablesaw, and have space under for some other machines, perhaps with flip-tops so the machines can be a fixed below and raised up to...

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Found wood.

I have a friend that lives in south Texas and he has a farm. His farm has Horses, Cattle, cats and Dogs. Also trees that suffered from the drought 2 years ago. when we walk through the acreage we find wood from dead trees. Taking them...

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Making a small box to take abuse

I made a box to hold my cigarettes that I buy loose at the local reservation. It’s been almost 2 years that I’ve carried that box with me everywhere I go: work, fishing, rain, shine, snow and sleet. It’s taken a LOT of abuse and it shows. It’s...

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Last Week's Weekly Brief

Did you see last week’s “Weekly Brief” ? It had a SPECIAL article in it ….. http://preview.mailerlite.com/i1v6i8

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Advice on finishes required

Does any one on this site have information on linseed oil paints? I’m trying to finish all my joinery in natural finishes I can cope with shellac and have landed in a really nice marine grade clear coat that’s not loaded with solvents but in...

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Tape measures.

Does anybody on this site know of a good 25’ tape measure? I have: 1 Lufkin 25. Blade kinks and does not role in and out properly. 2 No name. Better but still works. 3 Stanley Tylon. Junk. Blade is kinked all over the place. 4 Stanley...

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I need to re-saw 2×6 in to 1×6, i don’t have a band saw, what are some other ways to do it? TIA

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Rev. George Hutson

I am a new subscriber, but have been enjoying Woodworking web project videos for some time. I am fairly new to woodworking. However, I’m finding that I have some skills that are working well for me. In the past I was a welder fabricator, so...

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Bo Peep

Building A Workbench

My good old faithful workbench (apparently it’s actually a potting bench) is showing signs of old age and neglect. I have been looking after it as best I can but it is a bit more rickety now and the surface is uneven due to damp conditions. So...

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Who uses Facebook?

Hi folks, How many of you lovely folks here use Facebook? I have set up a group on Facebook as a talk page for people involved in the woodworking and timber industry from forestry operators and saw millers up to high end cabinet guys if any one...

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Narinder Jugdev

Woodshop in Michigan area?

I was contacted by a person in Michigan about a project and the shipping cost is outrageous from Calgary Canada. If anyone is in that area, let me know and I can recommend you for the job. An animal bookshelf like one I made last year.

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Wolf (& Rabbit!)

well, good riddance 2016

Happy New Year everyone. 2016 was not a fun time for me, I lost my Dad, my cat, many of my musical heroes and Gordie Howe….The world is in a mess and I can’t see anything good in the future but we live in hope, eh? Good luck and good fortune....

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David E.

Mortise and Tenon on curved top rail

How would you go about doing the M&T joints of the back slats on a bench back with a curved top rail, like the one shown below? Thanks! David

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Rant... Dust collector

I bought a jet cyclone dust collector a couple months ago for my table saw, today I decided to check on the bag and sure enough it needed changed out, 60 gallon bag ¾ full. They’re is a barrel, a bag and a cage device inside the bag . 1- you...

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Joining two pieces of wood, aligning the grain (and knots, etc) to create a mirror image. What are your tips, tricks (and questions)?

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Table advice

I was asked to build this, but not sure on the finish, what do you think that finish is and what kind of wood would you use? Don’t go to expensive on me.

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Wolf (& Rabbit!)


How do I get more precise? I’ve seen guys with less do better. I practice. I still suck.

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Measuring Tapes - Part III (What everyone should know)

Last one, I think… What are the tips about using a measuring tape, that every woodworker should know?

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Measuring Tapes - Part II (What to do with broken ones)

Ok, here we go. Let’s brainstorm. What can you do with old broken measuring tapes? GO!

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Mortise and tenon

Is it possible to make mortise and tenon joints without a mortise machine or drill press? I know I can cut the tenons on the table saw, but what about the mortises? Router table with a straight bit and chisel out the corners? Any tips for this?