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My fascination with wood started about 65 year back with my great grandmother’s lion head rocking chair. I love a challenge and have been turning now on my ShopSmith for just over two years. Our 30+ year old house I built all the cabinets and...

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B Gabourie

Hello All!

Hi. I’m Barry. I’m a Canadian transplant in Houston, TX area. I got bitten by the woodworking bug about 3 years ago and I’ve been trying to improve my skills ever since. I have a small area in my garage that I use for woodworking and I have been...

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Hi all, I’ve just joined the group but must confess I’m no carpenter by far. My background was a roofer and now I’m a minister of religion , yes a higher calling now ;-) The reason I’m excited about starting up and learning again some woodwork...

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Narinder Jugdev

Thank you very much

Thank you for the member of the week selection. I do enjoy the site and all the creations that everyone shares. Wishing you all good health and peace as the holiday season is just around the corner.

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Narinder Jugdev

Wife of the year 🏆

I have to share with those that get it … my darling wife Bonnie has been with me and supporting me and my woodworking addiction since 1980. This amazing woman that I married in 1986 shared this with me this evening. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 I laughed so hard that...

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We haven't formally met! :)

Hello, everyone! I have finally found the time to formally introduce myself and tell a little bit of my story to you all. However, first I would love to say thank you to all the super nice people who started encouraging me as soon as I posted my...

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I've been out of my shop

My wife has cancer so as you can imagine woodworking is the last thing on my mine. Just thought I would let you know why I’m missing in action.

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Hi y'all! New Mexican wood working.

Hello all, my name is Doug. I’m looking for ideas, plans, andadvice. The only thing I’ve made is a pipe out of mesquite. After all the hard work just for a pipe, I fell in love with woodworking I’m working on acquiring tools now.

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Old Flatulent Individual

First posting here

Retired, well mostly. I am a relative newcomer to woodworking, started maybe seven or so years ago. I live in the Northeast and have all my life. I am a hand tool user primarily, using power tools to do the initial dimensioning. I just finished...

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Bo Peep

New To Woodwork

Hi, I’m new to wood work and I’m currently learning all about wood carving. I have been out and done a little bit of hedgelaying and I my start to wood carving was sparked by a friend offering to teach me how to use a set of chisels I rescued...

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Pallet Freak

Mark here and I’m 72 and mostly retired. I build a lot of different things exclusively from reclaimed lumber. I mostly deconstruct pallets, crates and large one off pallets used to transport heavy machinery. I have used old signs, mirrors, or...

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Hi Everybody

Hello! I’m Tim. I’m a former Paramedic, former Navy Corpsman, and I spent almost a year working in a refurbishing shop, where I did a little cleaning, soldering, shaping, and finishing, mostly stainless steel. (To be fair, I wasn’t all that...

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Bill Higgins

Intro !!

My name is Bill Higgins my friends call me Bighig. I started woodworking learning from my fatherinlaw he has a mans man woodshop . I have collected my own shop tools and he gives me tec tips when I need them . I enjoy all types of woodcraft...

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Some what new to woodworking

Hello Everyone I used to work in a shop in Calgary Alberta called Solid Stairs building spiral staircases, I was really young and didn’t fully appreciate the talent that surrounded me at the time. I recall bits and pieces of certain things and...

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¡Hola Amigos! Greetings from Cancun, Mexico

(ENG) I live in Cancun, Mexico, and have been Woodworking as a hobby for few years. I have been experimenting and failure after failure I have found the way to improve my skills. I have a small corner shop at home where I build my projects, I...

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I'm Mike

Hi, I’m Mike. Thanks for letting me join the forum. I’ve been a long time tool owner, but consider myself a real beginner when it comes to woodworking. I’ve decided to put the stuff in my garage to use instead of just gathering dust. I don’t...

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Sneaks In And Pulls Up A Chair

Hello, I’m Randy, user name Blackie, I’m a transplant from Lumberjocks, I got wind to Woodworking Web from Horizontal Mike and thought I’m come over and pull up a chair. I’m pretty much a box maker be it miter joints, bandsaw or both combined....

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Longing for the country.Show us you beautiful country scenery

I moved from a beautiful place in the country 16 years ago from a remodeled 100 year old farm house on 13 acres I had to sell for economic reasons .I moved to a small town in a 750sq ft house on a small lot supposedly temporarily back then and...

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Sinus operation

Guys: I got my head operated on today. It has been determined that I am a dirty old man and the only cure was to operate. They will take out all impure thoughts, and do stuff to my sinuses so that I will not be prone to heavy breathing. Also...

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I wish you all a most happy independence day I hope everyone enjoys their independence day and celebrations will friends and family throughout the whole United states. I’m very grateful to be born in such a great country where we are free to...