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Bo Peep

New Carving Tools

With Christmas arriving and the new year imminent i have received a £20 gift that I am thinking of spending on improving my carving kit ready to kick off the new year. My current kit is a bit hit and miss with some gouges, chisels and V tools...

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Minimalist style of Jacob Weinstein

Gymnast Flexability Meditation Mother and child Girl and Tree Thought Awakening Fifty Shades of Brown Aluring Carried Away, Reading

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Need pointers on tools

Hi folks! My name is Doug (although it says Ronnie). I am a noob to all this save for whittling when I was in boy scouts (yes, I got my eagle scout badge). Anyway, I’m looking for advice on chisel and carvers. I also want a rotary tool. I am...

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Carving Letters

What are your tips (and questions) for carving letters?

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Learning wood carving online

Hi Freinds I’ve had some long-term projects that have been sitting on a shelf for a long time and I decided to get them down and try and complete them.The reason I’ve put off completing these projects is they have lots of carving on them and...

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CNC Craze


Can someone tell me how to vote for the contest. Can’t seem find it anywhere.

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Western Norway on a blustery day.

We had a visit from my wife’s American 2nd cousin and his wife for a couple of days. We showed them around our part of the country (the west coast of Norway) and we saw a couple of things I thought you might enjoy. Our first stop was Egersund,...

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Carvings by Levi

leather chaps?

Does anybody wear leather chaps for carving? Biker or western, just to save some wear and tear on jeans and maybe a little protection from tools of the trade and moving logs around? What are your thoughts?

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Carvings by Levi

vehicle decal issues/advantages

Has anyone had any problems with decals or magnets for your woodworking on your vehicle. Such as dot or scales while hauling a load of wood etc. Also has it been an effective way of advertising. Especailly those that sell to support their hobby...

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Wolf (& Rabbit!)