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Chevalet Demos at the Sooke Fine Art Show

Some photos of my chevalet demos at the Sooke Fine Art Show on Saturday. There was lots of interest and several people took course outlines and registration forms for my new marquetry courses. I’m building four new chevalets to allow me to have...

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Pin to Pinless conversion

Hi all, I have a Craftsman 16" scroll saw. A guy at Woodcraft said I should get a conversion kit, so I can use pinless blades. Somewhere, I saw a recommendation for a specific brand, but now I can’t find it. Can anyone here make a recommendation...

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New to the forum… located in Marietta, GA (NW of Atlalta) Do you have scrollers here?

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Pricing, selling, what sells best. And woodworking videos

Hi. I am 48 and I live in Litchfield, Mn I am a devoted husband and father. I love woodworking especially scrollsawing. I like to make Christmas ornaments, crosses, wall hangings, puzzles, small games toys instruments, deco, etc. I also just...

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Charles Dearing Scroll sawyer and pattern designer

Brand new member here

As of yet, I have no clue how to post an album of my work. Anyway, I’m Charles Dearing. 44 years old, living in Gatesville, Texas. I’ve been scroll sawing and pattern designing since 1997. Hopefully I can figure all of this out ;) Glad to be...