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I just picked up my mail to find four copies of the latest Canadian Woodworking Magazine. It features an article I worte almost three years ago. I had forgotten all about it until I got a call last month. !

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I've entered a contest

Hi all. I have entered my Louis XIV jewellery box in a contest at woodworkers source. Today is the last day of voting and I am in the lead. I’m not actually really soliciting votes or anything :-) …. but if you’d like to check it out you can find...

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Got some good press for my school

Lee Valley’s social media person contacted me a week or so ago about posting some of my work. Yesterday this post appeared ……. with the link to my school. You can’t buy press like this. I am thrilled. … and the numbers that are building up are...

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I won two awards!

The winners of the 2015 Veneertech Craftsman’s Challenge were announced today at the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas and while I didn’t place “in the money”, I did manage to win special judge’s awards for my jewellery box in the marquetry category and my...

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Wood phone cases I’m not sure how they do this at these prices and turn a profit. They say they’re hand made. But the idea is genius!

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My introduction

Hello Everyone! My name is Andulino and I’m from Hungary. I have been making marquetry for 12 years. This is my the main profile. I love my job and i couldn’t anything else to do. I hope you’ll like my creations. If I did catch your...

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Uwe Salzmann

3D Marquetry

Hello, I finished all my work only with hand tools. I love the Work with veneers and finished for some time marquetry with 3D effect. I’ll show you a box with a 3D marquetry. This gives the impression that you can see into the box. Greetings...

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Marquetry: OHH!! This is how it is done!!

Paper thin ….. complex designs … multiple sheets at a time. Uh huh….

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Figures by Александр Момот

reflected-in-a-drop-of-rain girl apricot mulberry girl-with-jug diva artist : Андрей Момот

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Inkscape for marquetry drawings

Paul and Roger Just to continue our discussion about computer programs for making marquetry designs. I downloaded Inkscape and have been fooling around with it a little. One nice surprise was when I used the bitmap option. I wanted to see if...

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Waster material for marquetry packets

The tar paper that looked so promising (shown below) and was the right thickness did not work out as well as I had hoped. I made a 5 layer test packet without veneers and found that it gooed up my blade, so onto plan B. I finally was able to...

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Painting with wood method or alternatively patches packet

My next marquetry project will be using the painting in wood method (patch packet). It’s relatively large and I don’t want to use veneer as wasters for each layer as I’m trying to save on my limited supply of veneers. It hasn’t been easy to find ...

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Martin Sojka

Historical Marquetry & Intarsia Furniture

I’ve visited one of the most beautiful manor houses in Betliar, Slovakia yesterday and took some photos of the amazing and richly marquetry-intarsia decorated furniture pieces. Enjoy… ...