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inexpensive hardware

Looking for hardware (for small box’s and such) feet,hinges,latch’s,decorative corners ,and so on around me there is Lee Valley great quality but a little pricey.Anybody have any suggestions I don’t have a problem buy in bulk (within reason...

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4' x 6' Sandpaper Eraser/Cleaner

I was working on a door and some swirl marks came through on the stain. That meant sanding back through the stain. Of course, that meant I was going to load down sheets and disks of paper just holding the sander within a few feet of the door. ...

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David E.

Tim-bor, antifreeze and water?

When I bought the cypress for the memorial bench, the company owner gave me a bag of Tim-bor, and a recipe. 1 pint Tim-bor, 1 pint antifreeze and 7 pints of water. Mix thoroughly and spray. He says it will help preserve the natural color longer...

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Outdoor Furniture Clear Finish of Choice?

Howdy, All!!! Shin here. Been a while, as I’ve been wrapped up on converting the motorcycle to a trike. Bum ankle, so the wife and I want something that I can’t let fall over. :-) We’ve also been clearing a bunch of brush, as we’ve applied...

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Fixing Blotchy stain

What have you used to prevent blotchy staining results. Extra sanding helped some. I read years ago about sealing first or using dye. I wish I could remember all that I know !! LOL The wood is knotty alder .

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Wes Louwagie

looking for finish sprayer/gun advice

Hey guys I’m looking to hear some thoughts on finishing sprayer. In the past for big projects I always sub out the finishing, or just use a brush on. I will probably still have some work subbed out but would like to spray smaller projects here....

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Lets Talk "oil finishes"

I am constantly getting questions about oil finishes ,, there are so many its hard to determine what to use . I am curious what you use and why .

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Wes Louwagie

cloudy epoxy

I’m currently working on a bar and tabletop using reclaimed timbers. I’ve been pre filling punky spots with epoxy. Unfortunately the last batch I put on last night turned milky white. Anyone have this issue, and what is the cause? I’m guessing...

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Finishing ideas?

I’m looking for thoughts on what to finish my hybrid bench with? Something durable that I can sand on that won’t scratch the piece. Or should I just oil and wax it?

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The Best Finishing Gloves Money Can Buy

The topic of gloves in the work shop has been beaten into the ground. The one area “most” seem not opposed to their use, and reasonably so, is in the matter of finishing. A little stain or dye goes a long ways. Sometimes, about a week of...

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Gun Cleaning Box Finish Completed wWith BLO

I am about to finish a small gun cleaning box project (Granadillo and Soft Maple) and want to finish it, or at least the interior of the box, with West Systems 105/207 Epoxy: http://www.westsystem.com/ss/207-special-clear-hardener QUESTION: ...

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Change of mind

So recently I delivered this kitchen island with cutting board top. I oiled it with this stuff Well now they rather seal it as they will not be using it as a cutting board, she said it looks too pretty to cut on. How should I seal it? ...

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What the heck happened?

About a week ago I was working on another music stand. I already had one pour of System Three Mirror Coat on it and waited the recommended time to do the flood coat. It went on fine and I covered it to dry. It was beautifully smooth and a...

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David E.

Stain + Lacquer????

Hi all, I have an opportunity to do a large number of dress up closets for a local non-profit similar to this: https://woodworkingweb.com/creations/1540-another-dress-up-cart The only difference is that they would like them stained instead...

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What is your go-to Finish

If you had to only use one finish for the rest of your woodworking life, what would you use, and why? Finishing ranges from the extremely complex to the very simple, and I’m sure that libraries worth of books and articles have been devoted to...

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Bens Wood Pile

Restoring a dresser

I do woodworking as a hobby and do a little refinishing now and then. The latest request has me a little stumped though. Hopefully I can get a few helpful tips. The dresser is made with Tiger wood and had become a little wobbly. The actual...

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Wolf (& Rabbit!)

Ever finished a bit of elm?

This is English Elm. It’s the first time I’ve used it. It’s really beautiful and this picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s taken a long time to get the fur off it, many hours of scraping, sandpaper is of no use. It’s now a lovely smooth and very...

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polyurethane application

Ok i am having issues applying this, i brushed it on, came out streaky, i sprayed it on it is not smooth, has a rough texture to it, i used a foam brush also streaky, i was thinking of using a small foam roller, but before i waste any more time...

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Sun & Wood

I have a buddy that wants to redo his front door. As it is now it is painted, but he wants to possibly stain it. It faces directly west so it gets a lot of sunlight. Any recommendations on coating, is there any special steps or maintenance...

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Plywood ends

I have made a couple low budget pieces made of plywood. I want to know what you do to address the plywood ends as far as exposure. Here is what im working on currently, i have addressed the situation at hand, but not sure if im going about it the...