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I'm looking for a someone to make my products

Hi, my name is Michael…I am interested in creating products for the kitchen but I need guys who can make these designs. Please reach out if you have turning or CNC gear and are interested in making small quantity products.

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I recently started to turn a bowl from a piece of lacewood , it is the first time I have run across this wood. I can not figure out how to get it to stop (fuzzing) I have gone as far as sharpening after every pass. I can’t run a shear with my...

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Osage Orange Turning

Hello, I have a disc of Osage that I have had for about 15 years and never haveing turned this wood thought I would have a go. I swear if I had a piece of steel handy I could have turned it easier. This bit of wood is rock hard, so is this what...

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Wood i.d. help

Hello, I ordered a box of hardwood scraps for turning finailas and stuff it had a couple of 1"× 1" sticks that I am not familiar with very heavy very very hard. I would like to find a piece of this to turn a bowl out of. Any help would be...

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Wolf (& Rabbit!)

trip to tanzania

i just returned from a long and exhausting visit to Tanzania. we went there to visit the craftsmen and artisans that recieved tools from our charity. The way it works is we gift tool kits to the Small industry development organisation, which is a...

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Need a boring drill bit

I need a boring bit. I want one that is so boring I forget how easy it is to use it. I’m tired of the excitement caused by my cheap drill bits that start wandering all over creation. Those are loser bits. I want a winning bit. I want it to win so...

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A shout out to Myrtlewood Gallery

Back in October 2013 my wife & I took a 14 day tent camping trip along the west coast from Los Angeles to almost the Washington border. We visited many galleries and was able to tour some of the work shops . I purchased...

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Fun and Fame Through Turning

My wife and her sister owned a maw and paw store in Eastern Washington. They ran it for thirty-nine years. Just before it sold, a couple months ago, I started leaving little turnings on the counter with a “FREE” sign on them. She said the grown...

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Wolf (& Rabbit!)

Tabaco pipes

I really enjoyed watching this series. Does anyone here make pipes?

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Improving Belt Changes on a Jet 1014 Lathe

I got a fair deal on a mini Jet a while back, so got to see what the hullabaloo about lathes was all about. At least some what. I’ve been enjoying it a lot. All my files have really nice handles and so do a those of a few of my friends, for...

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A Brand New [Fifty Some Year Old) Rockwell Delata 12" (36" bed) Lathe

What a nice couple days. Though I live in the toolies and, generally, find any good craigslist deals far distant, I looked at the list the other day and saw a Rockwell Delta 46-450 wood lathe for one hundred bucks and only a couple miles away....

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Wheaties  -  Bruce A Wheatcroft   ( BAW Woodworking)

Found picture of jig

My laptop gave out with all my pictures on it . Lucky I keep every thing on flash drives . I finally located a picture of the jig used to make my last bowl .

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Stair spindles.

I got some skid wood and I know it is not the best. I am looking at planning them down smooth and then copy the design on the spindles and paint them. Is it cheaper and less hassel to just go and buy the spindles. If I can make them with free...

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off center turning

Dose anyone have advice tips or tricks for off set turning?

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New Here

New here but see some familiar faces. Hope to learn more about woodturning from the folks here.

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One Way Wolverine Dressing Jig

I have had some issue with my grinding stones getting out of round. I have tryed the diamond dressing tool that came with the grinder, even to the point where I vise gripped it down to the wolverine flat 4×4″ surface….it still is out of round. ...

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Claro Walnut Bowl

Kicking off the Woodturning forum with this 12" d. Claro Walnut bowl; the thinnest bowl I’ve turned so far.