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Stealing wood

I’m no thief, so let me get that out of the way real quick. :-) Yesterday, while riding my bike with my 4 year old (he’s already an expert rider!), we passed a cherry tree next to the street that had recently been trimmed to keep the branches...

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I recently managed to salvage some long scrap cut offs of zebrawood from the scrap pile where I buy my lumber. After planing I’ve managed to get a good bit of 1/4" thick by 2" wide pieces. Maybe 60’ or so. I’m looking at some ideas for boxes...

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Douglas Fir, 1956 vs 2017

Small piece came out my house. What a difference! Imagine what it will look like in another 60 years after they figure out how to GMO it into a single year’s growth to harvest.

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Interesting find

Found this on the beach. It’s interesting so I took it home. It’s full of sand and I’m not sure how to get rid of it. I might not be able to use it because of the sand. It’s also pretty fragile because it’s kind of rotten. Who knows how...

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Pallet crap

Ok, what do you do to treat / prep pallet wood to make something out of it.

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Is teak ok to use for a baby cradle?

Hi all, We have our 1st grand baby on the way in July. I want to make a swinging baby cradle for my daughter. I have enough teak to make the cradle and am wondering if it is an ok wood to use. The cost of wood here in Washington is just...

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Wood of the Month: Ash Wood

What are your experiences with working with ash? (Here are a few member creations made with ash)

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Pecan Wood

What are your experiences with Pecan Wood? Here are two creations share by our members. (Add yours in the comments below.)

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Any idea what kind of wood this is?

My son-in-law has access to some mahogany pallets from his work. With some resawing and planing there are some nice boards produced. I’ve made quite a few things to include a bar top from those boards. This weekend he brought me this board. ...

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From the Neighbor's Thorn Bush

These are photos of pieces of the neighbor’s thorn bush, as it was being cut and thrown into their trailer for a trip to the dump. The last time I this much yellow was after applying a liberal dose of dye to a project. The wood seems to have...

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Jeff B

very old plane knob and tote

Hey everyone, Today’s project is restoring a very old Craftsman number 7 jointer plane to service. It has a corrugated sole. I’m given to understand that the corrugated sole was a thing that came and went before WWII. So I’m guessing the plane...

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I have a friend who own a little wooded area and he has found a cherry tree with a burl that is about 3’ in diameter. His question to me was: “Now what?” (He’d love to turn something and he also wonders if he can cut it into smaller pieces) ...

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Spalted Maple and Beech

Hi Everyone I have been resawing wood on my bandsaw for knife scales and turnings. This is some of the nicest I have seen. I will be stabilizing the scales and the turning blanks. So if anyone is interested please message me. I do have alot...

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i have a question

A friend of mine wants me to refinish there end tables. They told the the tables was made out of tortoise shell wood. Or turtle wood Is there such a thing? Or it just the finish that is on the tables. I have never heard of that type of wood. And...

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Face Frames

Need to make some face frames for an entertainment center, wondering what is a good inexpensive wood to use. It will be painted white, so don’t need anything pretty. Would a pine be strong enough and last? Thanks for the input!

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counter top

If you had to make this and the top is made of oak, would you use white oak for the top, or what other wood would be good for that top and still have the same look?

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In praise of local lumber shops

In my town there is one lumber store that sells more than just construction lumber and the pre-surfaced maple/oak/pine that is available at big box stores. It is owned by a pair of brothers, who are in their 50’s and who took it over from their...

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Bird's Eye Pine/Knotty Pine/Pecky Pine: I'm Confused.

Recently I posted picks of the Wedding Card/Keep Sake box I made for a young couple. https://woodworkingweb.com/creations/2102-wedding-keep-sake-card-box I made the box from Birds’ Eye/Knotty Pine that I found at Lowes, or Home Depot, earlier...

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American Chestnut

We really do not have hardwood forests like in the east. Mostly with a few excepts our forests are soft woods. But the pioneers brought seeds and saplings- planted them and some flourished. We all know about Claro walnut and some are giants....

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Sheathing storage

I’ll admit I’m a packrat when it comes to leftover wood, I always end up using it somewhere. I get frustrated trying to store sheeting, as there are always full size down to small pieces. I just have them leaned up against the wall in my shop and...