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An Ethical question

I have a lady friend that likes to do woodworking. As she does not have many tools, likes to come over and use my tools. My principle is that it is under my supervision, which is ok by her. When it comes to sharp tools I want to be there, say...

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3-Phase Electrical Service

I’ll ask a narrow technical question; that I hope someone on the Forum has had to address… I’m upgrading to Felder equipment, and need to provide 3-phase electric to the machines… The 3-phase will output from a Phase Perfect PT-355. The...

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Grizzly G0715P 10" hybrid table saw.

Need a bit of help …. I have a Grizzly G0715P 10" hybrid table saw. I am attempting to align the miter slot to the blade but am having difficulty. I am using a dial indicator made by Woodpeckers for measurements but cannot seem to get it any...

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Oliver 6910 Oscillating Spindle Sander - 1st Thoughts

I want to pass along some good news – that is a favorable experience with a manufacturer (their Customer Service) and the first heavy use of their product. My focus is sculpted furniture, with forays into wood sculptures – always in hardwood....

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Need a new circular saw

I’ve been working nights doing some carpentry and without my (relatively) luxurious and large tablesaw, I’ve come to the conclusion that my inexpensive skil circular saw is just not up to the task for practically anything. I have a nice finish...

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Glaros Studios

Sliding Table saws

I’m thinking of buying a sliding table (panel) saw. Anyone familiar with these? I haven’t used them before. There is a Grizzly saw for sale (grizzly G0623X3) for $3250 Cdn but comes with a roto phase so I can actually use it. New panel saws are...

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Rigid jointer

I am going to change the blades on my Ridged JP06101 jointer. The orange one. I’ve watched videos on YouTube but thought it best to ask if anyone here has changed the blades on this specific model. Any hints or tips are appreciated.

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Narinder Jugdev

The Rotation Situation

Well around New Years I slipped on the ice in Banff and did a nasty number on my shoulder. Torn rotator cuff is what they call it. I must work as I do enjoy eating so after a week of doing nothing I got myself back Into "MyHappyPlace😎 The...

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Exception Festool Sander Deal

Over on that other forum, someone posted a never before heard of deal on a “Festool ‘PRO 5 LTD’ ETS 125 REQ Random Orbital Sander” – Festool is running a special and putting them out the door for $99.00. For that, you also get a special...

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New Table saw

Starting to look around at upgrading my table saw ( the one I have is a old Beaver saw Its about 45 years old I remember my dad having it when I was a kid many moons ago) its a belt drive will take a 8" blade no guards of course and top is approx...

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Need help choosing log spliter

HI guys I need your help which log spliter would you choose. We are thinking this one – Boss Industrial EC5T20 or this one Earthquake w1200 I would opt for second one but partner thinks the first one is better. Be have a small...

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Wolf (& Rabbit!)


I guess I’ll pull out the hand plane today. Remember kids, if you think you got all the nails out, check again. I don’t think this planer knife is ever gonna be scary sharp again. No wolves were injured in this event.

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Again With the Gloating

I just bought the two of these for $250.00. A guy, who owned a box making factory, gave these and a 38” thickness sander to the local junk yard. A friend beat me to the thickness sander [and that’s how I learned about these (now I have to help...

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[Finally] Made My Caver Portable and Storable

I bought this caver on a maple butcher block counter top, which weighed in at around one hundred pounds or so. Add the carver and a base and the entire thing weighed in around a couple hundred pounds. Obviously, it wasn’t very portable. I...

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Cyclone Disposable Bag Hold Down

I picked up a box of clear lawn bags from a big box. It’s nice being able to just toss the bags, when full. However, I haven’t been able to use them in my collector barrel for the cyclone, because of the common problem of the bag getting drawn...

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scm shaper

I am considering a new shaper for my shop, I can’t really find any videos on this particular shaper (SCM T55W Elite S). Has anyone have any experience with it, or experience with something similar, the two features I’m most curious about is the...

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Jeff B


I just had to explain to a non-woodworker why this was a bad idea. I really hope he got my text before turning that death machine on

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Dust collector question

I picked up this King of UFO model UFO-90 dust collector. Its small from what i gather on the net its 1HP and just under 700CFM. It was a good deal, so i bought it. After bringing it home it does not seem to have too much suction. I was...

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Gloating, Again

I live well away from civilization, so garage sales are rare. Usually, what we do have aren’t worth hitting, though you do come across the occasional gem. Last week, a family was clearing out their pop’s garage, in anticipation of moving him...

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New Jointer

Well i found a good deal on a jointer so i bought it. I know the general concept of what it does, but i want to make sure i am using it right, i need some direction. Are there any good blogs, sites, or anything other reading/video that i can...