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stanley plane parts compatibility

Does anyone here and I’m sure one of you might know what parts you might or might not be able to mix and match among stanley handplanes ? Such for example if I had a sole from a jointer plane could I use a frog from a smoother? if I didn’t have...

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What kind of hand saw for this job?

I’m planning a cantilevered pergola for my backyard modeled after the one in the photo. I designed it and bought the materials yesterday. I have a good handle on how to get it assembled (figuring out how to get the rafters up by myself was the...

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New toy!

Look what Santa Amazon brought me today! I plan to make big salt water fishing lures this winter. While looking for a hogger rasp I came across this guy. Works pretty well. Made quick work out of the end of this 2×3. Only cost $16.

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How do you set down a plane?

So folks how do you set down your planes? Another photo that caused offence on face book recently was this one. So many comments of lay you plane on its side. In the shop growing up as a kid I’d get a clip round the ear for putting a plane on...

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Tool of the Month: BLOCK PLANE

What are your tips and knowledge of block planes? (Bo Peep’s Photo: https://woodworkingweb.com/entries/998-cleaning-up-the-block-plane-part-1)

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Does anybody have a good idea for removing glue from the clamps after a glue-up? I am always onto the next process, and forget it. —Madts.

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World's biggest handplane

David Barron has a bunch of great instructional Youtube videos but he also occasionally demonstrates some pretty cool hand tools like this 5ft long coopers plane: It probably isn’t the biggest in the world, nor can I see it getting much use...

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Sharpening and maintenance.

Hi guys, as we all seem to live in a technologically advanced world these days and YouTube is the new night school I thought I share a few tips on tool care I’ve learnt over the years and bust a few myths about EASY sharpening. First myth to...

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Rust accumulation

How do you guys keep rust from accumulating on your handtools? I’ve been tuning my hand planes, stick them in a cabinet and I t seems like in no time rust stars forming on the sole. The cabinet is open to the rest of the garage, so it doesn’t...

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Replacement plane irons review favorite tool review

Hi guys just want to share some thoughts on replacement plane irons. One of my weaknesses are hand planes particularly vintage ones (I’ve only ever brought two brand new ones) often the vintage plane irons are worn out or battered I have restored...

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Flea market find

So today the weather was nice after a few storms so me and the fam went to traders village, well as we walked around I found this sweet jem!! It was stuck and wouldn’t move. I offered the guy $15, but he said $25. I was going to buy it but didn’t...

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New Jorgensen grips (review)

In Feb I picked up a dozen Jorgensen 6" f-clamps that all had the new plastic/rubber grips, ace hardware had them for 5.00 each. Since then I’ve picked up 3 of the heavy duty f-clamps as well. This has given me several opportunities to use them...

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Martin Sojka

Best wood shaving from a handplane?

Let’s have some spring fun.. show us your most interesting wood shaving from a handplane…

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Wonderful surprise

I just got home from a 10 day golfing trip with 20 guys I went to school with and had a wonderful surprise waiting for me. Brian made and sent me a beautiful mallet that you must see. One of the special things about it is the wood came from a...

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I always thought its nothing but pro expensive stuff, so i never went on the website to check it out. Well i finally did it, its freaking awesome, i have my CC in front of me and so tempted to just hit that little add to cart button, but must...

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Homage to chisels

I made a chisel from a hand file over twenty years ago. The one with the blue handle. It has a permanent place in my tool pouch. It functions as a wood chisel. As a fine and medium file. It also works very well as a wood scraper but it’s only an...

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Narinder Jugdev

One of a kind

My daughter made this awesome tool quilt that hangs over my bed back in 2006. Do you have a tool quilt? I do.

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I just got some new/very old planes. I need to some major rust removal. Any good ideas?

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Problem with Bessey Uniklamps slipping after a good cleaning!

My Bessey Uniklamps were pretty sad, all covered with glue along the bars from lots of use. They are my “go-to” clamps. So I googled cleaning them and watched a bunch of videos and read a lot of articles. Long story short, I cleaned them with...