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What to look for when buying vintage planes

Buy a vintage hand plane for the first time can be a little daunting. There are very few folks who buy planes that haven’t unknowingly come home with a dud. You can be successful at finding a good set of vintage planes if you know what to look...

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Hand plane help

I will be traveling to Florida next week for business. I figured I would hit CL and see what I might find. I came across this Would you give $10 for it?

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David L. Whitehurst


If you are using hand-tools and you aren’t sharpening, shame on you. I’ve been surviving with a $6 Norton oil stone from the hardware store but if you are like me and hadn’t been around anyone that took their tool care seriously, you might not...

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Woodpecker Tools

I’ve never bought from Woodpeckers tools. I need a new t square. I was looking at their site and saw the 32" t square. It’s pricey ($144). Wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the quality/accuracy of Woodpecker tools.