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Fast Jig for Glueing and Drilling Dowels

It’s just a jig . About a foot long …….made from a Poplar 1×2 . I have installed a 45 degree chamfer bit in the router . This bit has a chamfer measuring a full 1 inch depth of cut. I used the max depth and routed the 1×2 poplar...

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Small Parts Clamp

I’ve been using miniature Jorgensen clamp to hold small parts to cut them on the band saw or sand them on the big drum. I decided to experiment and these seem to work pretty good. These can be made in any size you desire. Too, there are various...

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L-square Stop - Depth Gauge - Table Saw Setup Tool

This tool serves several functions. It can be used as: - an edge stop for L-squares; - a wide gap depth gauge; and, - as a set up tool for table saws. This tool allows the user to, easily, lay out lines at ninety degrees...

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Door Sanding and Finishing Jig

I had a couple doors to finish and didn’t want to fight finishing a side at a time, so I came up with this jig. Obviously, this has been done countless times before, but I had trouble finding hints at what others used, so I just went for it and...

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I have a Unisaw with a 52" fence. Needless to say, cutting a forty-five on 3/4" stock longer than its capabilities is a challenge. I could run against a sacrificial fence, but that requires me to rely on the cut portion, in back of the blade,...

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bulk trash find

Well monday is bulk trash, so as we drove home from visiting friends, i spot 2 of these towers on the curb, i pull over check them out, i was like holy cow!! I debate if i can put fit them in my wifes SUV but realize i cant, i rush home pick up...

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Box-Joint Jig

Finally getting back to the shop after a way too long hiatus. Won’t explain, but had issues. Anyway, I am attempting to make my first ever box-joint jig with: sliding miter gauge 3/4" MDF 1/4″ × 1/4" DIY hardwood stock A 1/4"-3/8"...

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Sacrificial Fence Clamp Storage

After all these years, I got around to buying a couple clamps to hold sacrificial fences to my table saw fence. They work great, and are an alternative to my old method of securing the fence, which involved drilling holes in the both my regular...

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Prescription and Safety Glass Holder

Sometimes you just gotta goof off. So it was the other day. I was tired of chasing my various glasses around and just didn’t feel like being productive and tending one of the many projects that needed my attention. Put all the above together...

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David A Sylvester

Pocket Screw joinery

I heard about the pocket screw joinery several years ago and had doubts about it, than a friend convinced me to try his “Craig pocket hole jig” on my next job, I did and now I’m hooked. It makes a super tight joint with or with out glue, cuts...

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Just learning

I am new to this… Have not-so-hot power tools… Trying to learn about homemade jigs…

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Box spline sled

Just about finished this. It’s a jig for putting edge splines in boxes. I am awaiting knobs to put stops on the edge of the front. It’s made from scrap oak and scrap oak plywood 3/4". It works very well.

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Vacuum Clamped Router Jig

I’ve been aware of vacuum clamping, and vacuum router jigs, for some time, and finally put one together. I came up with a cross design, some time back, that I wanted to be able to cut, without having to scroll saw accurately and that I could lap...

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Vacuum Clamping

So, I’ve heard of, and read about, vacuum clamping, so I figured I’d give it a try. I’m working on a router jig for the second cross design and really don’t want to make clamps, or buy a pattern bit with the ball bearing below the cutter instead...

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Video re Holdfasts and dog holes

I can’t edit the original post Here is the link to the video

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Bead Bracelet Making Jig

My wife is enjoying glass bead work (e.g., bracelets, necklaces and window dressings). Every once in a while, I do a bit of digging around the net to find things that would make her hobby easier, or to allow her to increase her efficiency or...

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Table Saw Set-up Gauge

I designed this guide back in the eighties, to allow me to be sure my table saw top was positioned exactly ninety degrees to the blade, and for setting up cuts on my, then, less than reliable fence. A table saw blade must be perfectly ninety...

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Drilling Spheres

A friend gave me a bag of billiard balls. I figured I’d make some coat racks out of them. Holding them to drill holes to insert dowels can be a challenge. However, a piece of plywood I use under material I’m drilling was sitting on the drill...

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Sharpning Jig

I want to make a jig on a small band sander and I hope there is someone who can tell me the diameter of the Tormek support. See picture below.

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Miter Sled help?

I just got my tablesaw in. Put it together and squared up the fence pretty good. I made a sled, and It isn’t square. I did everything as accurately as I could but it is very slighly off. My goal is to be making very small jewelry boxes and things...