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Fun in my woodworking class

I thought I’d share some photos from one of my classes,I had a very busy class last week in my woodworking class, the topic for my workshop “table saw Techniques, jigs, and fixtures.

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Mobile workbench advice required

Hi folks sorry for my long absence but things have been somewhat hectic here in what has been nicknamed the Chaos Shop by a good friend as part of this hectic life I’ve got a couple of jobs restoring Georgian sash windows, so the chaos needs to...

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Metric vs imperial

I wish that manufactures would indicate what threads are use in their products. Many times a nut or bolt is lost and trying to find a match can be a pain in the ass getting the right one. I even have some tools that have both. Also fine and...

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It is 9pm and the temp in my workshop/garage is 87 F. and the inside of the house is 72F. Where would you rather be?

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Table saw safety "kickback"

Not normally being one for what would be known here in UK as a “safety sally” I’m now going to start a tablesaw safety topic. I have being using table saws in one form or another since I was about 15 and before that assisting my dad with the...

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Multi purpose work benches v

Looking for plans for a 3 station work bench. Saw one in here somewhere, can’t find it now. Has a spot on one end for table saw, router & chop saw.

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Narinder Jugdev

Help a brother out

Hello fellow woodworkers. I don’t write on here often but I do read all that is posted. Here’s a topic that I have not seen much on and we will all be able to relate to it one day. A while ago I was given the contact info for Tony, the father of...

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Glen Pye

Building a new workshop

Well…in an effort to keep the missus happy “we” decided to buy a new house and move. It’s been about a month now and we are pretty settled in except for one, in my mind, major drawback. I lost my workshop. All my tools and supplies are...

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I need a shop!

I’m wondering if anyone happens to be in the Denver area and would possibly let me have access to your shop for a little bit. I just have an itch to build something and I need to resaw a few pieces of wood. Thanks, John Cobb

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Dust Collection - Alternative to Blast Gates

I have a box of metal and plastic blast gates for four inch hose. I bought them to set up a dust collection systems for my three dust collectors. I started with the three three horse, four bag collector, which collected dust and debris from: 1)...

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Need new roller stands

I have a pair of cheap roller stands (they came with my table saw) and they are finally biting the dust. First the height adjustment knob stripped and I took to holding the height with clamps. But now one of the rollers is completely broken. ...

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I tell you that wood dust attracts spiders like , a dog to a fire hydrant . I have stop some times and just vacuum the corners and around all the equipment because of the spider webs . Has any one figured out some thing that keeps them away ?

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Temps are starting to drop, time to get the old heater fired up. Anyone use a wood stove in the shop? What sorts of heat do you use?

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How organized is your work shop ?and what would you like to change in your shop?

Hey Gang I just had a conversation with my wife about a book someone told her about called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” since I’m the saver and she’s the minimalist this subject of...

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painting the floor

My shop neighbor is a machinist and he was painting his floor white, I thought it kinda weird at first and then decided that it was kinda neat. I am considering doing the same. Does this sound weird to anyone, painting the shop floor white?

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Wolf (& Rabbit!)

pretty good day

The new Stihl petrol grass trimmer works a charm, i made a pretty good little a&c mirror frame, watched Scotland beat Samoa and Wales lose to Australia in the rugby. Feeling quite manly. Rugby is almost as fun to watch as ice hockey…

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Delta vent

The other day I bought one of these: DELTA 50-345 Universal Mobile Base (Wood Not Included) total of $75 inc tax. It shows up 2 days later. All is well. This weekend I put it together and lo-and-behold the kit is missing 3 bolts and one...

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Wheaties  -  Bruce A Wheatcroft   ( BAW Woodworking)

Trash can placement

A simple but often over looked problem . You like to keep your trash can close so you can just drop whatever in it . But not too close . I had A Starrett 12 in ruler some how slide of the work bench . Fell right in the trash . So I relocated the...

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75% of the time i leave my compressor on at night so in the middle of the night that thing kicks on, I made myself a decal to remind me to turn it off. But i wanted something else on the door also, so i made this too. LOL

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Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day ! I hope it turns out to be a great day for all of you and you get to enjoy to spend time with your family . Klaus