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I think we have been comprised

I received a private message from a Florence Laurent through Woodworkers Web this evening who says she is the widow of an industrialist. She is dying and wants me to contact her so she can give me 6 million dollars. Oh boy! She has a profile...

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Ted McGrath woodworking plans

I would assume that everyone got the WoodworkingWeb notifier regarding ordering thousands of woodworking plans from Ted for only $67.00 if you order immediately. The BBB has an alert on Ted that says he Is not on the up and up, and if you have...

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Sure is nice to be back online. —Madts.

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Woodworking web notifiers

I just realized that I am not getting any Woodworking Web Notifiers emails any more. Anyone else having this problem?

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Following Comments?

Just wondering if anybody is having the same trouble I’m having. I can navigate to all the forums, blogs, and creations with no trouble. On the Forums, I can see when the last comment was made on a forum topic but can’t see who made it, and...

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This is a test to see if this site rotates pictures based on landscape vs portrait. It appears not.

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Hot Tub Room Advice

Debbie e-mailed me and wanted to know if I would do on article on how to build a hot tub room. I told her I would be more than happy to share my experience in building our hot tub room. The first thing on the list, whether you are putting it in a...

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Woodworking Monthly

This seems like a good Idea and the Editorial written by Debbie is well written with interesting points,not having read all of it yet I’m assuming the rest of it is well done also just because Debbies involved with it’s creation. I do have one...

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Just curious as to how many of you frequent the LJ site. I would also like this site to be as heavily used as LJ’s. Any suggestions as to how we can increase membership?

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Wolf (& Rabbit!)


I got my randomly awarded tshirt the other day. It’s a perfect fit and I will wear the fabric out of it. Thanks so much for sending it.

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WoodworkingWeb Awards

Got the email with the following message… “WoodworkingWeb Awards: Dovetail Joint The Awards entry period is over and we ended up with 7 entries. Now it’s time to pick your top 5 list and cast your vote. Voting deadline is on Apr 30, 2016 at...

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Member of the Week

Thanks again guys for “member of the week” ….much appreciated !

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Thank you for the Editors choice

Hi, couldn’t find anywhere to post this so feedback seemed the best option, also can not find you on Facebook, keep getting ‘Page not found,’ any suggestions? Once again thanks, made my day! William.

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Thank you.

Wanted to say thank you to Martin and MsDebbieP for being chosen as the member of the week. Thank you both for all that you do for us. We have such a great bunch of folks here.

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How to do a quote?

On LJ’s I just clicked on “quote” in the selected post. How do I do it here?

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Is there a way to create a slide show and embedded it in a blog or creation?

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Home button

Could you put a home button/logo in the center of the top navbar? Going through the drop down is kind of a pain for my fat clumsy fingers on the phone. Thanks.

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Martin Sojka

Just a small update

As may have noticed, our navigation bar in the header has been centered to fit the rest of the latest redesign. Hope you like it.