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One Way Wolverine Dressing Jig

I have had some issue with my grinding stones getting out of round. I have tryed the diamond dressing tool that came with the grinder, even to the point where I vise gripped it down to the wolverine flat 4×4″ surface….it still is out of round. ...

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Wolf (& Rabbit!)

Anyone know how to make epoxy solid black in colour?

Anyone know how to make epoxy solid black in colour? I have some cracks to fill in an elm plank and I don’t think colour matching will ever work. I saw a guy make pitch black epoxy but he never said how he did it. That would work for me. Any...

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David E.

Working with imperfect lumber - What are the steps you take to straighten it out?

My local lumber supplier had bought some Sapele out of a local warehouse recently, and is selling it off fairly cheaply for our area. The problem is the boards were probably air dried incorrectly, as there were a lot of unusable boards there. I...

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Welcome back Martin!

I just want to say " Welcome back Martin".

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Downed trees

I live on a little mountain top surrounded by hundreds of acres of woods. Like any forest, there are lots of trees down. How feasible would it be to take the chainsaw out, cut some 3-4 foot lengths, and use the chainsaw to rough cut them for use...

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Editing window

When you are in the edit window for creation or this one for the forum, you have to press “Enter /CR/Line feed” to get to the next line. You can’t click on the next line or arrow down and keep typing. It would be great to have that functionality...

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Greg Ferdinand

Steel city bandsaw

Does anyone have a steel city bandsaw and how do unlike it? I’m getting one really cheap and want to get some feedback. Thanks guys

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tool collecting

It would be nice to finally have a tool collecting forum topic separate from hand tools. I’m pretty sure a spot for collecting information would be one of the first on the web. I haven’t found one anyhow. Good Luck Martin. Off to a good start.

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Anybody know how to add embed a video inside a blog?

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I just got some nice curly maple. I plan on making lazy susans. on can I get the grain to pop??

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Resawing with TS

I’m starting my very first woodworking project over the weekend. I’ll be building a cantilevered 3-tier sewing box for the wife. There will also be a drawer in the bottom portion. I have 4/4 KD rough cut ash in the shop now for the boxes. The...

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Nice Site

Very, very nice. I will probably use this extensively. Lots of good information.

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Finish Question - What's The Difference?

A question about paint. A gallon of paint that says it’s 100% acrylic latex while a finish from General Finishes is acrylic. What’s difference? Other than thickness. Like the new site.

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Hi to all!

I’m glad to find this new forum, saw it on Shiela’s LJ blog. I’m a scroller, been doing it about 8 years. I have a very small area to work in – a spare bedroom for the saw and my garage. But I think I do alright. I’m from along the Mississippi...

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Claro Walnut Bowl

Kicking off the Woodturning forum with this 12" d. Claro Walnut bowl; the thinnest bowl I’ve turned so far.

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Personalized signatures

It is probably here and I am just not seeing it, but how do I create a signature line(s) that automagically appears on all my posts? TIA Art

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Greg Ferdinand

What's up

I just wanted to say hello. Idont know how many LJs are over here. Partly because I’ve become very accustomed to all of your icon pictures lol, but I wanted to say hello. I think it’s great to have multiple sites talking about wood working. More...

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Just wanted to say howdy. I have been cruising other forums and I think I’ll land here and see what happens.

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Wolf (& Rabbit!)

Elm slabs

I recently acquired two elm slabs. I’ll get a photo of them up here soon. I was wondering if anyone else has used elm for table tops and if so, how did it go and how did you finish it? I’ve never used elm…should do a blog, I guess.

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Floating Band Saw Cutting Guide / Feather Board

Once in a while, I find I need support material near the blade and a fence or re-saw guide just doesn’t feel right. In the course of one of my [fortunately not well known] notorious goof off sessions (does that qualify as a paradox?), I made...