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Can you please tell me why this cracked. The table was made about. 3 or 4 months ago. The was put together with. Tenion and mortise. Made out of solid oak.

hand planer

So I’m looking to invest in a hand planer. Any suggestions? I would like to keep the price as low as possible. But want a good quality planer. Would like to get one i can change blades on. Where i can bench, block, and smooth. Any and all advice...


So I’m thinking about making a table for my compound miter saw. I’m going to make it a floating table. Is plywood a good choice for the top? And thinking about putting shelves under it. Is this a good idea for a miter table? And duo you have any...

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Kevin ...

Taking the weekend off from working in the shop and going to do my other love, going golfing. Sho no projects getting started this weekend