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I've worked with wood my whole life either working side by side with my father building homes as a young kid or working on my own home and woodworking projects.
For a better part of my adult life I've worked as a machinist , welder and built the tools that build tools. Currently I work for metro north railroad as a railcar machinist . Also I'm a tinkerer at heart and build model trains, airplanes, cars and have a kid like fascination with machines if somthings broke I just have to take it apart and fix it or
Find out how it works . I'm an avid fisherman I live 200 ft from the ocean and temptation to play hooky from work or yard work is always evident especially on a nice day. I have a lot of skills to bring to the table and I'm always willing to offer advice and there is no such thing as a dumb question especially if you stand the chance to loose a finger or an eyeball lord knows i had my share of mishaps I'm sure even those "experts" you see on TV or youtube have smacked they're finger with a hammer.

-- Mark DellaCamera

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