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The back container is 8" deep. It can hold ice for open bottles of wine. The container in front is only 2 1/2" deep to put tongs or other utensils in after use.

Led lighting under the top

This is the utensils area to the left and the 14 shot glasses and 8 wiskey glass drawer.

This drawer holds five 6"×6"×2 1/2" deep trays for condiments as in cherries, lime, lemons, olives, Etc..
Theres a towel ring there to hold a towel to wipe off the beer bottles or whatever bottle or can before serving it. Both drawers have the soft /self close in the last three inches.

In this picture you’ll see the bottle opener and cap catcher on the left front and a 5 bottle liquor speed rail on the left side. All of the items are powder coated black.

On the right side is a paper towel holder and garbage can.

This cart was ordered by my sister in law for my brother in laws 50th birthday. I completely designed and built this from scratch with no plans only an idea in my head. I completely changed the design as I went along to make everything work out. The cart base is 2’ wide 6’ long and 39 1/8" tall with the 3" wheels 40" with the 7/8" top added. Its 100% cedar with 2 coats of a waterproof oil based UV protection then marine spar varnish over that. 3 coats.
Underneath the cooler is where you can place the boxes of soda, beer & wine. To the right behind the double doors is storage for paper plates, solo cups, paper towels, Etc..
For the cooler I chose a 5 day extreme cooler by Coleman that will hold 100 cans. Which is there 70 quart.

I was hoping to get it done for the contest but just couldn’t do it. There was a ton of work put into this unit. I can tell you all the materials added up to just under $1000.00. Now thats every nail, screw, wheels, wood, glue, Etc.. well if theres any questions please ask I’ll try and answer them in a timely fashion. Thanks

-- Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

Lol trust me Klaus I did ask about the music but his wife reminded me of the outdoor speakers already hooked up so there was no need to update what’s already done. Lol
I actually have the added design of a bicycle frame with the rear tire and pedals attached where the speed rail is. That way he could pedal his cart around serving people during big parties. Lol but the sister in law said no way. Lol

-- Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

Very well thought out design Jeff.
Nothing left to be desired and one happy owner judging by his reaction in the pictures .
Only thing I can see missing is the music .


That is one nice cart , more like a bar on wheels . Sturdy construction , the type of materials and the finish you choose should make this piece last a long time .

-- Wheaties

I want to thank each and everyone of you for all the kind comments. Yes this hospitality cart was a challenge and my brain was constantly turning while driving, sleeping, sipping my coffee in the morning, Etc.. As always I’ll take on any challenge. Its the only way one can learn and challenge ones skills. Thank you once again for your kind words. Let me share pictures of how it looked after it was delivered and set up. Moreover, his excitement of coming home from work and seeing for the first time. All I can truly say is he was floored and shocked when he saw it.

Shot and wiskey glasses added

-- Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

Nice work! If you are anything like me I bet you went to sleep some evenings thinking about design challenges or sometimes work things out as you are driving down the road. Wheels always spinning.

That is incredible! !!!!
He’s going to be absolutely floored!
Good luck with your delivery of it , although you won’t need it, it’s outrageous!

-- Steve Tow

That’s a big, complicated project. I can easily see how you could stuff $1,000 worth of stuff in there. There’s a lot going on, for sure. Anyway it looks great. I hope they love it and party like it’s 1999! ;-)

-- Losing fingers since 1969

WoW! WoW??
That’s a fantastic project Jeff. And your photos and write up are perfect. I just started reading and couldn’t stop till I got to the end. And then read it again. You must have had a blast in the Woodshop while building that one. Great work.
Your a master at the craft, man. ?

-- My Woodshop is my happy place? trimandcraft.ca https://www.facebook.com/Trimandcraft

WOW, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL CREATION. You definitely out did yourself. Beautiful job and love the fact things changed a s you went thru it. Great craftsmanship and you thought of everything.

-- Jamesw


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