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This is a keepsake box I made for a friend, the box was basically done when I attempted the inlay so I was scared to death of doing it but it turned out alright. Sometimes you just have to jump in head first.

Thanks to everyone, I don’t post much but I’m always looking at everyone else’s projects for inspiration. I’ve been trying to include more techniques in my work so I’ve taken a couple of classes at William Ng’s school in California, one of them was the inlay class the other the Maloof rocker class that I hope to finish soon. Like so many things in life, once you do it it doesn’t seem all that hard so I encourage everyone to push their work a bit. Sometimes a couple of practice pieces are needed but they can also be used somewhere.



What an outstanding box! The grain really complements the inlay . . . or the inlay really complements the grain. Whichever it is, the two together bring the box to perfection.

Thanks for sharing and welcome to WWW.


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