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What a wonderful use of such gorgeous veneer!! No wonder you wanted to use every square inch of it. Your design and execution is outstanding.


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Very nice box Klaus.

The veneer is outstanding.

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Excellent job , very impressive project . Like the veneer

-- Wheaties

Not only great design, but the story behind the veneer is incredible. Usually engineered flooring comes pre-finished. Did you have any trouble with that?

-- Losing fingers since 1969

Beautiful use of the veneer. The box is gorgeous.

-- WC (Bruce)

-- woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

Innovative and beautiful as always Klaus. The veneer is very nice and you have done it proud.

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Thanks L/W
No I don’t waste much of anything especially something this nice .

Thanks lanwater
I appreciate you kind comment .

Thanks Bruce
It is a nice piece of veneer and it turned into a nice box.

Thanks Brian
This is prefinished flooring but was no problem after a bit of thinking just wish I had more .

Thanks Bruce
This has become one of my favorite boxes that I have made and I think I will keep it .

Thanks Jim
I agree and it’s a keeper .

Thanks Paul
I am happy with my design and how it turned out and you backing my thoughts on this are appreciated .
I will use this same basic design on a few more and hope they will be as nice in different variations .



I always look forward to seeing your work, the box is amazing. I was wondering about your design process. Do you do detailed drawings, do you simply see it in your mind’s eye or does it just flow?

-- Jack

Nice of you to take a look and approve of the box design .
When I design a box the wood generally decides the style and the amount of wood I have available .Then I start with a sketch of sorts to get a better picture of what I am shooting for and arrange the material by grain and colour and start cutting and put the box together .
I measure and cut but find that final fitting the pieces works best for me .Most of the time I find that when I look at the box when I think I am done and stand back that there is a little something missing and usually after a day or two it comes to me just a little detail most of the time .
That is my approach and it works for me .


This grain looks to me like a tiger and waterfall all in one hence the title
Just a beautiful figured board of Sapele which just had to be a box and was just the right size .
This box is made from a single piece of sapele veneer that came into my shop as a piece of engineered flooring which had a 3/16” top veneer and walnut trim.
I band sawed the veneer off the plywood core and laminated it to a piece of Baltic birch ply with a maple veneer as a backing veneer.
The two drawers are made from hickory and ride on wooden slides milled into the sides .
The size turned out a bit larger then what I normally make but I wanted to use every bit of this beautiful piece .
The interior is lined with a heavy velvet cloth and the hinges are solid brass .
The overall size is 13 1/2” W x 10” D x 6 1/4” H and all the angles are seven degree and this gave the box a good overall stance and pleasing appearance .The drawer pulls are ebonized walnut and doweled to the drawer fronts .
The box is finished with BLO and clear spray lacquer polished out and a coat of wax which gave it satin and smooth finish .

Questions and comments always welcome .


— Kiefer 松


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