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The stain gives it that antique look. Very nice.

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William, I think I read on Lumber Jocks that you were a mechanic at one time, as am I. I can’t for the life of me think of doing it being color blind. It is what I did in the army and they would not even let you enlist for it if you were color blind. Great looking bench thanks for posting it.

William, we actually have 3 days so it shouldn’t be a problem to get over the river. But, you will be at Eddies for the boil won’t you?

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Gary, I hope to make it if at all possible. As you know though, I never make promises that far out due to health issues.

Bob, you learn to overcome. The biggest problem I had with mechanic work was wires. If I had to wire anything I had to trace and label things. I could not depend on wiring diagrams or color codings. For simpler things though, like I try to explain, it’s like a black and white TV. Actually, I see it as an advantage in some cases. Because I am used to picking out details in contrasts, I do better in low light conditions than some people.
As for the military, it is one of the things that kept me out. I was raised by a 23 year military vet. I was taught that all men of a certain age done at least their four years duty for their country. It was expected. My plan was to make a career out of it. My world was crushed when I was turned down. So I fell back on the one skill I had, I could fix anything with a wrench.

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Wow, that really turned out bright red. Looks good though…;) :) :)

Thank you Bentley.

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Nice and sturdy looking bench that should do all you want for years to come .
If you are ever looking for a leg vise that is inexpensive to build check out the videos I put on YOU TUBE and a model on SKETCH UP .


so glad to see it coming along, the stain looks great and the BLO will really be the frosting on the cake..enjoy.

-- "the grizz" [''''']

Thank you grizz.
I hope you can make it over this way one day to see it in person.

Keifer, thank you.
I am on my phone during the day, but I will definitely check those links out tonight when I can get to me laptop.

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Kiefer. I love that vise. I’ve seen those videos probably 20 times and your version 3 looks great. Very intelligent design

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Kieffer, thanks for the leg vice instructions. I’ve been wanting to add this type of vice to my bench. Perfect for cost minded folks like myself. I may pick up the threaded rods tomorrow.

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I just updated the original post to show the last couple day’s work.

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Drawers look good. You can never have too much storage space for tools. You’ve really accomplished a lot in a short time.

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Thanks Chris.
It is coming together I think.

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I apologize folks.
I have finished my work bench and would like to post it as a project here, but sadly, cannot.
I have been posting here from my iphone. That is fine when I’m only loading one photo. The project post though involves multiple photos and would take forever from my phone.
My computer is running windows vista. I reached out for help from management an they suggest using a different browser. Since this is the Only site I am having problems with photos on, I just cannot justify going through that kind I headache on my computer.
So anyway, I’m wondering what browser others are using for project posts here. Also, does anyone else have any easier suggestions for making things work that just using a different browser?

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I use an Android based phone, so I may be off base here. My wife connects her iTouch to her laptop to take pictures off it. I assume you can do the same with Vista and iTunes, unless it no longer works with Vista. Then you would be able to upload the photos off your home network without the phone interface.

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I have and Android based phone as well. I will see if I can find a USB cable for it and see if I can transfer photos from it to my Vista PC. I have never tried since I always use the wifes digital camera for pics. I’ll get back to you. If it works with an Android it should work with an iPhone, especially with iTunes.

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Thanks guys.
Mony, I appreciate it if you’ll do that little experiment.
I can upload photos fine from my phone, which is running safari.
And the computer is running windows vista.

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I tore the house apart looking for a usb cable that fits this phone and can’t find one. I will buy one tomorrow. It’s a company phone, so they will really buy it. One thing I do when I have pics I want to transfer is to just email them to myself. It works for a pic or two, but you probably have a bunch so it would be a pain. I will have a cable tomorrow evening though, so I’ll let you know.

The bench looks great with the drawers, by the way. It sure gives you a lot of storage options. I’m thinking of adding some drawers to my bench now…if I can ever get the sewing box finished.

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Thanks Monty.
I hate to put you through so much trouble.
Yes, I do have a lot of photos. That is what makes it frustrating. Doing one, maybe two photos at a time from my phone is slow enough. I’d hate to do eight or ten.
I’ve posted the finished bench in a couple of other places around the internet, but I would like to see this site going good, so I don’t want to start directing folks away from here.

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Sorry it took so long William, but I now have a cable. Here is what I have done:

Connected the phone (Droid Maxx) to the usb port on the PC
Vista recognized it immediately and loaded drivers for it.
I was able to use Windows photo gallery to download photos from my phone to the PC
I was also able to browse to the phone from: Computer>Portable Devices>XT1080 (your device will be called something else)>Internal Storage>DCIM>Camera and was able to drag and drop photos to any file I wanted to as well as copy and paste from the phone.

iTunes would not recognize my Android phone, but you should have no problems syncing your iPhone through iTunes. The help file in iTunes shows you how to do it.

Hope it works for you.

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Thanks for all your work monty, but I must say I am confused.
You mention iTunes. I don’t have an iTunes account and don’t understand why I need one. I am trying to load photos on this site. Do I need an iTunes account for that?
Another question. Has anyone tried using photo bucket to load photos here? It’s been a while so I’d have to remember my password somehow, but I think I still have a photo bucket account.

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Maybe I misunderstood what you are trying to do, please correct me if I’m wrong…

You have photos on your iPhone that you would like to use to create a build blog on WW. It would take too long to upload the photos from your phone, so you need a faster way. Loading the photos from your home PC which is running Vista would be faster, but you can’t get the photos from your phone to the PC to accomplish that.

Is that correct?

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I have all the photos on my computer. Some were taken with my camera, some with my phone. The ones from my phone though are easily uoloaded through picture gallery to me PC.
I want to do a project post to woodworkingweb.
The post has about ten photos. It takes forever to load even one photo from my phone to any post here. Well, not forever, but it seems that way.
From my PC though, my preferred method of long, photo heavy post, it will not load photos. When I pick a photo and click to upload it, I get a bar saying it is loading my photo. That bar does not move though. The longest I waited was an hour. It simply will not load and I have no idea why.
I asked management about it. Their suggestion was to use a different browser. I simply cannot, with my limited computer skills, switch browsers to post projects on this site. Since I was hoping to be a part of this community though, I was hoping someone else had any ideas.

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What browser are you currently using?

Adding a browser is pretty simple. I use a few different browsers depending on what site I’m visiting. Google Chrome does pretty well on most sites, and is the browser I use for WW. If you don’t have Chrome, you can click here and it will take you to the download page. It’s pretty straight forward. Once installed you will see a new icon for the Chrome browser. Simply click on it instead of your current browser to surf the web or come to WW.
You can still use your existing browser for other sites if you want. I currently use three different browsers IE (Internet Explorer), Chrome, and Firefox. Chrome and FIrefox have proven more reliable than IE.

It sounds more complicated than it is. After the install is complete, you should see the new icon in the system tray (the little bar along the bottom of the screen to the right of the round Windows start button). You may already see the famous IE circled e icon for Explorer there. The Chrome icon will simply appear next to it.

So to recap:
1. Click the link above to go the the download page.
2. Click the blue Download Chrome button.
3. Follow the onscreen prompts.
4. If windows asks for permission, click yes or allow.
5. If the install asks if you want to add an icon in the system tray, click yes.
5. When the install completes (it takes only a minute or two), find the new icon in the system tray.
6. Click on that icon when you want to go online, instead of the the one you normally click.
7. Try uploading your photos again.

**The install may ask if you want to install the Google Toolbar. Click yes or no. Personally, I like the toolbar, but you don’t have to have it.

Remember, your original browser is still there. You can still use it any time you want. Adding a browser just gives you more options. Some websites simply perform better with different browsers. Before the days of WYSIWYG website design, I used to build websites using HTML code in notepad. Most sites were designed to perform best in IE, That was the most popular browser available because it came with Windows. Today, there are so many different browsers, PC configurations, and Windows versions out there that it’s nearly impossible to ensure that a website will work flawlessly with every possible combination. But, as I said earlier, Chrome and Firefox seem to be more adaptable than IE, in my personal experience.

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Nice. Very nice.

Great looking bench William. I know you will get good use out of it.

-- Mike, an American living in Norway

That’s a mighty bench.
I like the design different from the crowd.

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA