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Jeff Vandenberg

card scraper sharpening

So a while back I bought a card scraper. Two weeks ago I bought a burnisher Rockwell 65. Now I have been watching many YouTube videos on sharpening the card. I tried one suggestion and it failed. So back to YouTube I went try the next. Humm...

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Resident Skills

I’ve commented, previously, that a Forum is defined by the skills and mentoring-willingness of its active members. And, there is the other side of that coin, that other members need to be asking the provocative questions to draw-out and provide a...

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Shop cleanup

Next week we get started on some long overdue home repairs. New roof, new windows, new garage door. I was up at 5:00am this morning starting to clear out the garage. My pickup is about half full of junk that’s going to the dump or the thrift...

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In praise of local lumber shops

In my town there is one lumber store that sells more than just construction lumber and the pre-surfaced maple/oak/pine that is available at big box stores. It is owned by a pair of brothers, who are in their 50’s and who took it over from their...

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Hi all, I’ve just joined the group but must confess I’m no carpenter by far. My background was a roofer and now I’m a minister of religion , yes a higher calling now ;-) The reason I’m excited about starting up and learning again some woodwork...

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A shout out to Myrtlewood Gallery

Back in October 2013 my wife & I took a 14 day tent camping trip along the west coast from Los Angeles to almost the Washington border. We visited many galleries and was able to tour some of the work shops . I purchased...

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table saw tune-up

My saw has been a little out of whack for a few months. A few issues. First the fence was not plumb. I thought one of the glide pads was worn down but it turned out to be a warped table causing it. Not the table actually, but the fence rails. I...

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¡Hola Amigos! Greetings from Cancun, Mexico

(ENG) I live in Cancun, Mexico, and have been Woodworking as a hobby for few years. I have been experimenting and failure after failure I have found the way to improve my skills. I have a small corner shop at home where I build my projects, I...

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Grizzly G0490X 8" Jointer with Spiral Head Review

GRIZZLY G0490X 8" JOINTER After a year of looking for a good jointer and losing out on three nice ones, due to procrastination, I finally bit the bullet and bought a new Grizzly 8" Jointer with the helix head. The model number is G0490X. The...

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A #4 surprise and its for sale.

You guys know I don’t post my planes for sale here very often. My web site seems to generate enough traffic to sell what I can find, and I typically can’t keep up with restoration request. But this isn’t just a “for sale” post. It’s a “holy...

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Jeff Vandenberg

Ever have a Questions about Titebond Glue

If you ever had questions about the titebond glues here are your answers. This come directly from What is the best way to disassemble a glue joint? The key to the disassembly of glue...

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Admitting our dangerous (and dumb) mistakes might help others.

When I decided to start this wonderful hobby, I bought on my first trip shopping the following: a table saw, planer, a scroll saw and a drill press. Having no idea how they worked, I unpacked, set them up and plugged them in. I was of course...

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Is Scott Phillips (American Woodworker) preventing new wood workers from learning proper Joinery ?

Having a rather lazy 4th of July I decided to watch some TV. As I flicked through some channels I saw Scott Phillips making a project,so I thought I’d see what he was up to and wanted to see if he changed his approach to joinery from the last...

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Lessons learned...or what every new woodworker should know...

I have been accused of having a bit of a sense of humor in the past. If I can’t laugh at myself, well, I might as well die. I compiled a short list of things every new woodworker should know. Some of them are things I have learned from experience...

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Stoopid mailman tried to kill me

So I’m in my garage with the door open cutting hinge mortices for a door I made a while ago and finally getting around to hang. I use the hinges with a 5/8 radius so I cut them with my router and a template to get nice, clean, round edges....

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Compatible Woods in Small Boxes

Picked up a couple of 1/4" sheets of Ganadillo (janka=2450) at WC this past week. Planning on making a finger joint box L16" x W5-3/4" x H2-3/4" with hinged lid and insert bottom. I am currently planning on having a dado’d bottom insert...

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polyurethane application

Ok i am having issues applying this, i brushed it on, came out streaky, i sprayed it on it is not smooth, has a rough texture to it, i used a foam brush also streaky, i was thinking of using a small foam roller, but before i waste any more time...

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Congratulations on the site!

I just wanted to say thanks for the invite and congratulations for the new endeavor. As members – WE are the ones who are going to make this site successful, informative and fun. I have seen so much talent here on the web that I am sure having a...

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I have had a few projects on my dream project build list ,but what has been on top of the list for a long time is a bombe chest on Chest. 1st obstacle, know how. The “know how” category has been handled by Charles Neil,he has built a few Bombe’s...

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Quite frequently when someone ask about what tool to buy online folks chime in with which tool to buy and then the conversation usually ends up with one or more persons saying this brand use to be great when it was made in the USA. Has anyone...