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Choozing a sliding compound chop saw

Depending on what kind of woodworking you do you may want a sliding compound chop saw.there are 10" models and 12" models because of their larger cutting capacity I have always used 12" models but if you don’t need the larger cutting capacity 10"...

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Movable work table

So i work out of my garage and needed a table that could house most of my tools and be movable. So i made this. I started out with the bottom frame, basic 2×4′s Then i made the top frame, but for this i did not put 2×4′s on the ends, just...

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Cyclone Disposable Bag Hold Down

I picked up a box of clear lawn bags from a big box. It’s nice being able to just toss the bags, when full. However, I haven’t been able to use them in my collector barrel for the cyclone, because of the common problem of the bag getting drawn...

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A Brand New [Fifty Some Year Old) Rockwell Delata 12" (36" bed) Lathe

What a nice couple days. Though I live in the toolies and, generally, find any good craigslist deals far distant, I looked at the list the other day and saw a Rockwell Delta 46-450 wood lathe for one hundred bucks and only a couple miles away....