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Howdy from South Central Texas

Howdy from South Central Texas! Been in, and out, of woodworking since 1983. I’m a former shop teacher (and school counselor) and taught wood for years, until 1997, as well as doing personal projects, and some production and commission work. ...

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Movable work table

So i work out of my garage and needed a table that could house most of my tools and be movable. So i made this. I started out with the bottom frame, basic 2×4′s Then i made the top frame, but for this i did not put 2×4′s on the ends, just...

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I'm Mike

Hi, I’m Mike. Thanks for letting me join the forum. I’ve been a long time tool owner, but consider myself a real beginner when it comes to woodworking. I’ve decided to put the stuff in my garage to use instead of just gathering dust. I don’t...

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Keith Hodges

New member intro

Been woodworking of some kind or another for 50 or more years, since Juniour high school wood shop. After retiring, spend way too much time in my shop everyday, enjoying every minute. Keeps me out of my wife’s hair. Bought my CNC router as a...

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Why not...

I saw this forum come up a couple of weeks ago. After hemming and hawing, I figured I would post something of an introduction. My name is Monty. The J comes from my mother and sister (older sister) as in MontyJ stop that, MontyJ put that down,...

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Gloating, Again

I live well away from civilization, so garage sales are rare. Usually, what we do have aren’t worth hitting, though you do come across the occasional gem. Last week, a family was clearing out their pop’s garage, in anticipation of moving him...

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Some what new to woodworking

Hello Everyone I used to work in a shop in Calgary Alberta called Solid Stairs building spiral staircases, I was really young and didn’t fully appreciate the talent that surrounded me at the time. I recall bits and pieces of certain things and...

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Handle ideas

As some of you may know, I’m building a cantilever sewing box for the wife. I’m at the point where I need to attach the carry handle, but I’m having a problem designing the actual handle itself. Basically, the problem is the stock is square, but...

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I’m Chris, from Taber Alberta. Just started getting back into woodworking. Partly to restore this house that we bought last year, partly to get back into a hobby I love. I’m fascinated by the newer tools (Kreg pocket hole jig), newer safety...

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Post-Project Shop Reset; Optimizing the Small Shop

The following covers two areas: getting my shop ready for the next project, and optimizing the small shop. Post-Project Reset We each have our procedures; one of mine is that after every project, I reset the shop. The reset includes re-touching...

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CNC Craze


Hello everyone, my name is Suzanne and I own and operate a small woodworking business from home in Cornwall, ON Canada. I design and create complete projects for CNC routers and the Carvewright machine that include all the patterns, photos and...

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Items For Sale

Please view the items for sale. If interested in anything then respond below. I accept Paypal. v v >>>>>THIS ITEM IS SOLD<<<<<<<< Craftsman Miter Gage With Hold Down Clamp This miter gage is from an...

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Anyone ever set up a Group Buy?

I really need…scratch that… WANT a router lift and PC7518 router or clone but dang, if you aren’t spending in the neighborhood of $550-650 just for those two items Then you need a fence/table (which I already have).. What I need is advice on...

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Vacuum Clamping

So, I’ve heard of, and read about, vacuum clamping, so I figured I’d give it a try. I’m working on a router jig for the second cross design and really don’t want to make clamps, or buy a pattern bit with the ball bearing below the cutter instead...

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Table Saw Set-up Gauge

I designed this guide back in the eighties, to allow me to be sure my table saw top was positioned exactly ninety degrees to the blade, and for setting up cuts on my, then, less than reliable fence. A table saw blade must be perfectly...

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Multi purpose work benches v

Looking for plans for a 3 station work bench. Saw one in here somewhere, can’t find it now. Has a spot on one end for table saw, router & chop saw.

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Here's a Key to making precise Box Joint Cuts.

I believe that all jigs share the same principle in that they work or use a key and spacing system and in order to have a smooth joint the spacing has to be precise any minute fluctuation in the spacing can leave for a bad joint, 1. A gap between...

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[Finally] Made My Caver Portable and Storable

I bought this caver on a maple butcher block counter top, which weighed in at around one hundred pounds or so. Add the carver and a base and the entire thing weighed in around a couple hundred pounds. Obviously, it wasn’t very portable. I...

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Good News! I made virtually perfect dovetails on a drawer box today!

No, they weren’t hand cut. I have a really rinky-dink dovetail jig that is impossible to set up for consistently accurate dovetails. I had already made 2 of the 7 drawers for my current project and neither of them was even close to perfect. I...

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Desk with hidden compartment

SO my friends mom was looking for a desk, he suggested to let me build it so bam there I go. She had a pic of a desk she liked: I asked how big she wanted it and went to building. She did not ask for the hidden compartment, that was just a...