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How do you sharpen an axe?

Has anyone got any tips for sharpening an axe?

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Is Scott Phillips (American Woodworker) preventing new wood workers from learning proper Joinery ?

Having a rather lazy 4th of July I decided to watch some TV. As I flicked through some channels I saw Scott Phillips making a project,so I thought I’d see what he was up to and wanted to see if he changed his approach to joinery from the last...

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I have had a few projects on my dream project build list ,but what has been on top of the list for a long time is a bombe chest on Chest. 1st obstacle, know how. The “know how” category has been handled by Charles Neil,he has built a few Bombe’s...

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Quite frequently when someone ask about what tool to buy online folks chime in with which tool to buy and then the conversation usually ends up with one or more persons saying this brand use to be great when it was made in the USA. Has anyone...

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This what dreams are made of!!

I have a woodworking and golf friend who just bought an old 4 story apartment building in the city as an investment. He called me and said to come running, he had something to show me. In the dry dusty basement, we found a room full of very...

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Martin Sojka

New Feature Alert: Activity Logs

Ever wanted to see your WoodworkingWeb activity history on one place? Well, now you can. You can find your latest activity on your profile page (Me → My Profile) and clicking on ‘view all’ will show your complete activity history. ...

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What woodworking sources did you learn from and are you learning from now?

Hi Gang I was thinking back when I first started woodworking,back then there was no internet so I gained a lot of my knowledge from magazines and TV shows and of course trial and error. Back then my favorite magazine was "FineWoodworking " My...

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In Case You Are Wondering

Our family has be struck by tragedy and it is avent that is affecting me to no end . See attached link for info on this . We are trying...

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Martin Sojka

Older Creations Are Welcome

With so many new members coming to our community lately I’d like to welcome you all and remind you about one important thing again: You’re welcome to post also your older creations, not just the new ones. It helps to establish your profile and...

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Martin Sojka

New Feature Alert: Follow Discussion Checkbox

Just a small but handy weekend upgrade. You can now see and use the ‘Follow discussion’ checkbox close to a Submit button when writing a new comment: Have a good Sunday ;)

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American Chestnut

We really do not have hardwood forests like in the east. Mostly with a few excepts our forests are soft woods. But the pioneers brought seeds and saplings- planted them and some flourished. We all know about Claro walnut and some are giants....

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Martin Sojka

Milestone Alert: 2,000 Members

We are 2,011 woodworkers making 12,377 comments on 1,494 creations, 448 blogs and 347 forum topics. Keep spreading the word. Cheers ;)

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awesome site

Hello there Looking forward to seeing some great creations .

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New Feature Alert: Notifications Upgrade

Your WoodworkingWeb notifications are now easier to access and manage. When you click on the notifications button (the bell icon in the header if you have any), you will not be taken to a separate page anymore. Sleek notifications pop-up will...

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Martin Sojka

Milestone Alert: 10,000 Comments

That’s a lot of talking ;) As of today we are 1,402 woodworkers making 10,000 comments on 1,115 creations, 368 blogs and 284 forum topics.

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David E.

Working with imperfect lumber - What are the steps you take to straighten it out?

My local lumber supplier had bought some Sapele out of a local warehouse recently, and is selling it off fairly cheaply for our area. The problem is the boards were probably air dried incorrectly, as there were a lot of unusable boards there. I...

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Narinder Jugdev

Woodshop in Michigan area?

I was contacted by a person in Michigan about a project and the shipping cost is outrageous from Calgary Canada. If anyone is in that area, let me know and I can recommend you for the job. An animal bookshelf like one I made last year.

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Woodworking in America 2014 - Details and Registration info provided here

FYI…. Details here…. Register here… ...

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My Workbench Build

Some of you here already know from elsewhere. I just thought I’d start off by posting my current progress on my current project. After a few years in woodworking, I am finally building a work bench. It is made of what material I had...

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Martin Sojka

1,000 Creations? When? Take a guess and win!

We’re fast approaching a nice milestone: 1,000 woodworking creations posted on WoodworkingWeb. Just the right time for a little fun contest :) Post a comment to this thread with your guess, when we will reach the 1,000 creations on...