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Glaros Studios


Hello everyone, just curious as to what peoples thoughts/opinions are on bandsaws. I currently have an old Rockwell 14" which has been fine but I’m finding more and more lately that I could really use one with both more hp and re-saw capacity....

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Floating Band Saw Cutting Guide / Feather Board

Once in a while, I find I need support material near the blade and a fence or re-saw guide just doesn’t feel right. In the course of one of my [fortunately not well known] notorious goof off sessions (does that qualify as a paradox?), I made...

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Powermatic Band Saw Extension Table

I’ve made several 30” circles using my circle cutting jig. Each time, it’s been a struggle holding the right side of the jig, with the material on it, flush with the table. I thought about making a cart, but that seemed like a lot of material,...

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Powermatic Band Saw Light Modification

Stock, the 14" Powermatic band saw light must bend from behind the machine to the front. Doing so really stresses the goose-neck supporting the light. Even when adjusted, it never seems positioned quite right for a good view of the cut. Too, the...

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Wolf (& Rabbit!)

hey! I gotta new band saw

Well it’s an old bandsaw…a sixties Coronet Imp built in Derby… so I tested it by making a box…it sucks, I know but it took no time at all and it’s made from a left over bit of pressure treated fence post. I had fun. Never owned a band saw...

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Bandsaw question

I had a first today while using the bandsaw. Working on a very small piece of wood and the blade broke. The break appears not to be a defective blade because it appears to be all new where it broke. Can anyone recommend a cleaner for the...

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band saw help

I was about to order a new band saw. I was all set to get the Grizzly G0555 and went online to order it, then noticed the G0513ANV is on sale. It’s actually cheaper than the G0555X right now (because of free shipping). I know the old adage “buy...

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band saw riser block question

Good morning all. I bought a used 14" band saw with a riser block last year and am wondering if I can take the riser block back off. It cuts nice and straight through thick or thin hardwood. Cutting curves seems to be the problem. I cannot get a...

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Bandsaw blade preferences?

Anybody have input on which brand of bandsaw blades are better than others? The range of prices out there make me question the quality…

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Resaw bandsaw blades

I don’t know if anyone has had the opportunity to use one but I recently ordered a Highland Woodworking Wood Slicer Resaw bandsaw blade on the recommendation of a friend. This thing is like a knife through butter compared to what I have been...

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Band saw

It’s the time of year when I start planning what to buy in the spring. DC is already on the list, but I plan to add a band saw. I have been scouring craigslist for several months with no luck so I am going to buy a new one. Grizzly is in my price...

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Band Saw Angle Cutting Jig

After seeing what others had done using three different colors of wood to make 3-D patterns out of wood, I thought I’d try my hand at it. To aid in the process, I made this jig for my band saw. Of course, one could vary it a bit for the table...

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Greg Ferdinand

Steel city bandsaw

Does anyone have a steel city bandsaw and how do unlike it? I’m getting one really cheap and want to get some feedback. Thanks guys

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Need construction ideas

I am dying to try my hands on a couple of Enrico Konig work. I accumulated pictures of his pieces and have been analyzing it for a while. I am eyeing this coffee table. The glass top will obviously be bought. I am thinking the following:...

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Resident Skills

I’ve commented, previously, that a Forum is defined by the skills and mentoring-willingness of its active members. And, there is the other side of that coin, that other members need to be asking the provocative questions to draw-out and provide a...

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Planer questions from the new guy

Hi everyone from Fergus Ontario, I’ve been a machinist for 25+ years now and last year inherited a bunch of wood working tools. A small table model Delta band saw, a craftsman 10 inch table saw and a Ryobi 10 inch planer. These are all probably...

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Joe Laviolette

For anyone doubting how strong Hot Hide glue is

I am working on a contemporary credenza/console design. I decided to use ash. After milling the rough sawn boards I discovered one was cut pretty close to the crotch. Past experience should have taught me that no matter what I do it won’t stay...

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Making a form for an arch

I need to make an arch with a cross section of 3″×3″ for an outdoor table legs using bent lamination I plan to experiment with 3/16 to 1/4 laminates. The arch will have about 26" radius since the table will be about 30" high. for 1/4 "...

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Sneaks In And Pulls Up A Chair

Hello, I’m Randy, user name Blackie, I’m a transplant from Lumberjocks, I got wind to Woodworking Web from Horizontal Mike and thought I’m come over and pull up a chair. I’m pretty much a box maker be it miter joints, bandsaw or both combined....

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Oval cut

I’m wrapping up a small white oak night table for one of my daughters and am planning to try to get one more project done before winter shuts me down. I really want to give an older daughter a solid cherry, oval coffee table. My first hurdle is...