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Electrician/woodworker (beginner)

Just to try to exchange skills on woodworking with the group…

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Notification for being member of the week

Just want to say thanks for choosing me. Quite surprised and honored.

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Becoming a professional woodworking or not

As a professional woodworker many times over the years I’ve had a good number of people ask how they can become a full time woodworker,the answer is not simple. Most of the time my response to their question is “don’t wreck a wonderful hobby by...

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How organized is your work shop ?and what would you like to change in your shop?

Hey Gang I just had a conversation with my wife about a book someone told her about called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” since I’m the saver and she’s the minimalist this subject of...

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Big commission piece coming my way

I do not do my woodworking to make money because as we all know 99% of the general public will not pay for quality handmade pieces. That being said, I have a few pieces in an art gallery here and a few in a gift shop. So I get a call from a...

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Small accomplishment, feeling pretty good

I have a small accomplishment at work. Due to change of use from residential to commercial, we had to reverse the swing of an entrance door in a historic building in the south street seaport historic district so it swings out to facilitate...

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Don't do what I did

Hi Gang I was watching some home fix it on TV and noticed a number of things that they homeowners were doing completely wrong on there home remodel. It’s funny how things go,years gone by I use to watch TV shows to learn home repair and...

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What kind of hand saw for this job?

I’m planning a cantilevered pergola for my backyard modeled after the one in the photo. I designed it and bought the materials yesterday. I have a good handle on how to get it assembled (figuring out how to get the rafters up by myself was the...

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Kreg system

Am I being a snob thinking that Kreg joinery is not proper joinery? To me it seems that it can not be as strong as the more traditional kinds like the mortise and tenon, to name just one.

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Stupid question of the week

I work out of town a lot, as I am this week, and spend a lot of time wandering around aimlessly during my off time instead of hanging out in a motel room. Yesterday I was roaming the toy department at Lowes and came across a set of twist lock...

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I'm about to run into some teak (I think)

I think this is teak. I was told it was reclaimed decking from a pier in the south street seaport, demolished after hurricane sandy. Somehow we ended up with about 60 or 70 board feet more than we needed and I’m snagging it. It’s fairly straight...

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Master Woodworker?

Being a relatively new woodworker, I watch a lot of YouTube for techniques, safe ways to work, and a wealth of other information. Many of these guys are said to be master woodworkers, either self proclaimed or otherwise. I know we have many...

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Prescription and Safety Glass Holder

Sometimes you just gotta goof off. So it was the other day. I was tired of chasing my various glasses around and just didn’t feel like being productive and tending one of the many projects that needed my attention. Put all the above together...

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Martin Sojka

Sometimes all it takes is a small push

Yes, sometimes all it takes is just a small push. My favorite font called Roboto has been updated a few days ago, on January 14, 2015. It was used as the main font on WoodworkingWeb since the beginning. And the change was for worse. I...

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Greg Ferdinand

What's up

I just wanted to say hello. Idont know how many LJs are over here. Partly because I’ve become very accustomed to all of your icon pictures lol, but I wanted to say hello. I think it’s great to have multiple sites talking about wood working. More...

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Introducing ---"me"!

Hello, from Ontario, Canada. My journey into woodworking had one goal: to make a box. That’s it.. .I just wanted to make a box, out of wood. Since I have absolutely no woodworking experience under my belt, I went online to find out how to meet...

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Wolf (& Rabbit!)

A problem in Brazil

This is pretty bad news. There is a ton of Brazilian wood available in the UK and apparently in the US that is being strip mined and sold off illegally. I have no idea what a woodworker trying to be environmentally sensitive should do to help...

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David L. Whitehurst


If you are using hand-tools and you aren’t sharpening, shame on you. I’ve been surviving with a $6 Norton oil stone from the hardware store but if you are like me and hadn’t been around anyone that took their tool care seriously, you might not...

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One in a thousand

Hiya all. This is such a great site. It’s so easy to post your work, discuss things in a forum, or create a blog of a project you are working on. The best part is being able to view others work and make comments ask questions, or offer help. This...

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I'm Mike

Hi, I’m Mike. Thanks for letting me join the forum. I’ve been a long time tool owner, but consider myself a real beginner when it comes to woodworking. I’ve decided to put the stuff in my garage to use instead of just gathering dust. I don’t...