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sheet goods falling over?

I really need to make one of those swing out carts for sheet goods. Right now the stuff is just laying up against the wall. To save a couple of inches it’s nearly upright. A couple of slightly bowed sheets of plywood always want to push...

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I always thought its nothing but pro expensive stuff, so i never went on the website to check it out. Well i finally did it, its freaking awesome, i have my CC in front of me and so tempted to just hit that little add to cart button, but must...

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David E.

Stain + Lacquer????

Hi all, I have an opportunity to do a large number of dress up closets for a local non-profit similar to this: The only difference is that they would like them stained instead...

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Jeff Vandenberg

Ever have a Questions about Titebond Glue

If you ever had questions about the titebond glues here are your answers. This come directly from What is the best way to disassemble a glue joint? The key to the disassembly of glue...

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Powermatic Band Saw Extension Table

I’ve made several 30” circles using my circle cutting jig. Each time, it’s been a struggle holding the right side of the jig, with the material on it, flush with the table. I thought about making a cart, but that seemed like a lot of material,...

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Jeff Vandenberg

card scraper sharpening

So a while back I bought a card scraper. Two weeks ago I bought a burnisher Rockwell 65. Now I have been watching many YouTube videos on sharpening the card. I tried one suggestion and it failed. So back to YouTube I went try the next. Humm...

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Martin Sojka

Top 5 can't-live-without-them woodworking gadgets?

What are your Top 5 can’t-live-without-them woodworking gadgets? … and why? ;)

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I know we all work differently and often our work flow is based on different priorities. I thought it might be interesting to compare notes just for fun. While there must be certain logical ways to operate as a professional for the sake of...

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Hello from North Carolina

My name is Berta. I live in North Carolina. My favorite woodworking tool is my scrollsaw.

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Wolf (& Rabbit!)

cat scratch fever

i don’t mean to be absent but i was bitten by a cat on my right wrist. my hand looks like a hagus with five sausages sewed on one end. long story… owners of random cat discovered, cat carrier delivered, terrified cat, argument about where cats...

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Favorite sub-categories

Is there a way to organize our favorite item into sub-categories like the following: That was a big issue on other sites

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Help, I'm sawing and can't stop.

Hey, I may be new here but I’ve been around a long time. I’ve been doing wood working for about 39 years. I build furniture, boats, birdhouses, tables, and anything else that catches my fancy. Love working with wood. My wife is always wanting me...

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Learning wood carving online

Hi Freinds I’ve had some long-term projects that have been sitting on a shelf for a long time and I decided to get them down and try and complete them.The reason I’ve put off completing these projects is they have lots of carving on them and...

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Lazer Cutter/Engraver/Carver?

Searched Lazer in the forums search, and it brought up a ton of stuff, even my post about vacuum clamping, which had nothing in it about lazers. Hmmmm. :-/ So, with that, I’m posting new. Who’s using a Laser Cutter/Engraver/Carver? If you...

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History: Capturing the Culture of the Times

Doing a scan of images for woodworking in history, I came across this one posted on wiki (source: … and I thought about how not only sculptures but furnishings and all things that we...

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Rotary Shaft Carver-Grinder Stand

Just thought I’d post this to remind folks there are nice options for rotary shaft tools using re-purposed items. I picked this IV stand up at a garage sale for under ten bucks. A quick search on line shows you can pick them up everywhere for...

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Bo Peep

New Carving Tools

With Christmas arriving and the new year imminent i have received a £20 gift that I am thinking of spending on improving my carving kit ready to kick off the new year. My current kit is a bit hit and miss with some gouges, chisels and V tools...

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Carving Letters

What are your tips (and questions) for carving letters?

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Becoming a professional woodworking or not

As a professional woodworker many times over the years I’ve had a good number of people ask how they can become a full time woodworker,the answer is not simple. Most of the time my response to their question is “don’t wreck a wonderful hobby by...

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Admitting our dangerous (and dumb) mistakes might help others.

When I decided to start this wonderful hobby, I bought on my first trip shopping the following: a table saw, planer, a scroll saw and a drill press. Having no idea how they worked, I unpacked, set them up and plugged them in. I was of course...