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Cedar Adirondack Chair

Hi everyone, I’m starting a new project building Adirondack chair(s) out of cedar. It’s my first time working with this stuff and need some guidance on how to protect the wood once it’s completed. The chair(s) will be used outdoors around my...

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Jeff B

companionway hatch for a boat

Hello all, I have been asked to build a companionway hatch. It’s a fancy name for the door to the stairs to the below deck spaces on a boat. It’s sort of like an accordion fold door in two pieces. In any case, the obvious construction method is...

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Need some advice please

I was lucky enough to come upon a benefactor from whom I received a good amount of some type of cedar, the lengths indicated by the yard sticks. Does any one know what type of cedar it is and what it would be good for? This is the first cedar I...

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Need help with draw pegs

I have a job building a screen for a roof terrace deck. The screen covers a mechanical bulkhead with AC condensers on the roof of the bulkhead. So far I have all my layout done and the upper section is done. The wood is cedar. The lower...

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Watch those stain rags

I’ve done a lot of stain work over the years and have always been careful with the soaked rags. This last week we were working several tables with Old Master wiping stain. The stain was Cedar but with a 3% additive of Monarch yellow penetrating...

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Wheaties  -  Bruce A Wheatcroft   ( BAW Woodworking)

Hot Tub Room Advice

Debbie e-mailed me and wanted to know if I would do on article on how to build a hot tub room. I told her I would be more than happy to share my experience in building our hot tub room. The first thing on the list, whether you are putting it in a...

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A #4 surprise and its for sale.

You guys know I don’t post my planes for sale here very often. My web site seems to generate enough traffic to sell what I can find, and I typically can’t keep up with restoration request. But this isn’t just a “for sale” post. It’s a “holy...

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Jeff Vandenberg

Ever have a Questions about Titebond Glue

If you ever had questions about the titebond glues here are your answers. This come directly from What is the best way to disassemble a glue joint? The key to the disassembly of glue...

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The sound of music....and wood

A few years ago I was in Hillsville Va. at the big flea market they have there and I saw this guy selling what he called a “Woodrow”. It is a takeoff on the Mountain Dulcimer. I have since made a couple of dozen in my own design. Here is one made...