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American Chestnut

We really do not have hardwood forests like in the east. Mostly with a few excepts our forests are soft woods. But the pioneers brought seeds and saplings- planted them and some flourished. We all know about Claro walnut and some are giants....

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I have had a few projects on my dream project build list ,but what has been on top of the list for a long time is a bombe chest on Chest. 1st obstacle, know how. The “know how” category has been handled by Charles Neil,he has built a few Bombe’s...

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This what dreams are made of!!

I have a woodworking and golf friend who just bought an old 4 story apartment building in the city as an investment. He called me and said to come running, he had something to show me. In the dry dusty basement, we found a room full of very...

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Old Flatulent Individual

First posting here

Retired, well mostly. I am a relative newcomer to woodworking, started maybe seven or so years ago. I live in the Northeast and have all my life. I am a hand tool user primarily, using power tools to do the initial dimensioning. I just finished...

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Parks Super Glaze.

Ok, so here is what im doing. Im building a all wooden ice chest, meaning the inside of the chest itself will be hardwood. Im trying to figure out a better way for me to seal the inside wood so its waterproof an durable. My first chest i used a...

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My first experience with bartop coating

I have been wanting to try a bartop coating on something but after reading several bad or questionable reviews, was afraid I would mess something up. I used a 2 part epoxy made by Mirrorcoat. It is pourable, self-leveling and I think it came...