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L-square Stop - Depth Gauge - Table Saw Setup Tool

This tool serves several functions. It can be used as: - an edge stop for L-squares; - a wide gap depth gauge; and, - as a set up tool for table saws. This tool allows the user to, easily, lay out lines at ninety degrees off...

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Table Saw Set-up Gauge

I designed this guide back in the eighties, to allow me to be sure my table saw top was positioned exactly ninety degrees to the blade, and for setting up cuts on my, then, less than reliable fence. A table saw blade must be perfectly...

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I have a Unisaw with a 52" fence. Needless to say, cutting a forty-five on 3/4" stock longer than its capabilities is a challenge. I could run against a sacrificial fence, but that requires me to rely on the cut portion, in back of the blade,...

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Anyone ever set up a Group Buy?

I really need…scratch that… WANT a router lift and PC7518 router or clone but dang, if you aren’t spending in the neighborhood of $550-650 just for those two items Then you need a fence/table (which I already have).. What I need is advice on...

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Grizzly G0490X 8" Jointer with Spiral Head Review

GRIZZLY G0490X 8" JOINTER After a year of looking for a good jointer and losing out on three nice ones, due to procrastination, I finally bit the bullet and bought a new Grizzly 8" Jointer with the helix head. The model number is G0490X. The...

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Admitting our dangerous (and dumb) mistakes might help others.

When I decided to start this wonderful hobby, I bought on my first trip shopping the following: a table saw, planer, a scroll saw and a drill press. Having no idea how they worked, I unpacked, set them up and plugged them in. I was of course...

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table saw tune-up

My saw has been a little out of whack for a few months. A few issues. First the fence was not plumb. I thought one of the glide pads was worn down but it turned out to be a warped table causing it. Not the table actually, but the fence rails. I...

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Band Saw Angle Cutting Jig

After seeing what others had done using three different colors of wood to make 3-D patterns out of wood, I thought I’d try my hand at it. To aid in the process, I made this jig for my band saw. Of course, one could vary it a bit for the table...

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Help required

Hi guys Is there any one on here that is in the uk? Better still in the Midlands? I’m looking for some one to help me catch up for around a month maybe a little more. Would prefer some one on work experience as I don’t have a massive budget...

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Need a new circular saw

I’ve been working nights doing some carpentry and without my (relatively) luxurious and large tablesaw, I’ve come to the conclusion that my inexpensive skil circular saw is just not up to the task for practically anything. I have a nice finish...

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Biscuit help

I bought a harbor freight biscuit joiner and used it for the first time this weekend. I read good reviews and it’s 1/4 the price of all the rest so I gave it a shot. I made a table top for a small package table that will sit outside. I got...

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Cyclone Disposable Bag Hold Down

I picked up a box of clear lawn bags from a big box. It’s nice being able to just toss the bags, when full. However, I haven’t been able to use them in my collector barrel for the cyclone, because of the common problem of the bag getting drawn...

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Powermatic Band Saw Extension Table

I’ve made several 30” circles using my circle cutting jig. Each time, it’s been a struggle holding the right side of the jig, with the material on it, flush with the table. I thought about making a cart, but that seemed like a lot of material,...

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Oval cut

I’m wrapping up a small white oak night table for one of my daughters and am planning to try to get one more project done before winter shuts me down. I really want to give an older daughter a solid cherry, oval coffee table. My first hurdle is...

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David E.

Working with imperfect lumber - What are the steps you take to straighten it out?

My local lumber supplier had bought some Sapele out of a local warehouse recently, and is selling it off fairly cheaply for our area. The problem is the boards were probably air dried incorrectly, as there were a lot of unusable boards there. I...

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Hi Guys, Following several heated discussions with customers, architects and specifiers over the past few years regarding the correct bracing for gates, doors, benches, buildings ETC I thought I would start a topic to see what fellow wood...