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A Brand New [Fifty Some Year Old) Rockwell Delata 12" (36" bed) Lathe

What a nice couple days. Though I live in the toolies and, generally, find any good craigslist deals far distant, I looked at the list the other day and saw a Rockwell Delta 46-450 wood lathe for one hundred bucks and only a couple miles away....

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Improving Belt Changes on a Jet 1014 Lathe

I got a fair deal on a mini Jet a while back, so got to see what the hullabaloo about lathes was all about. At least some what. I’ve been enjoying it a lot. All my files have really nice handles and so do a those of a few of my friends, for...

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Gloat Worthy?

I don’t know if this is gloatworthy, but I bought a Jet JMI 1014 off craigslist for $275.00. It included: - A set of (eight) “Benjamin’s Best” knives $100.00 - Two old knives, just because, and value unknown. - A few turning kits for...

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History: Woodworking in the 1600's

You know how the internet goes, you start out one place and you end up at ….. woodworking in the 1600’s! Of course! This is a clip from the ebook “The Project Gutenberg EBook of Woodworking Tools 1600-1900, by Peter C. Welsh” “The boxmaker...

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Shop cleanup

Next week we get started on some long overdue home repairs. New roof, new windows, new garage door. I was up at 5:00am this morning starting to clear out the garage. My pickup is about half full of junk that’s going to the dump or the thrift...

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shop smith 510

Looking for some wood working tools.i have a router, drill press ,table saw.I have seen this shop smith 510 for sale on kijiji has a drill press, lathe etc .So people say never buy a all in one tool?Other say the shop smith is a high quality unit?

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A shout out to Myrtlewood Gallery

Back in October 2013 my wife & I took a 14 day tent camping trip along the west coast from Los Angeles to almost the Washington border. We visited many galleries and was able to tour some of the work shops . I purchased several...

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Gloating, Again

I live well away from civilization, so garage sales are rare. Usually, what we do have aren’t worth hitting, though you do come across the occasional gem. Last week, a family was clearing out their pop’s garage, in anticipation of moving him...

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Gift from Norway

A bit back I posted picks of some miniature Bluebird houses. Mike40 contacted me, in that he was motivated to turn some small birdhouses on the lathe. He’s done some larger bird houses and did one up, similar to those. Well, I commented that...

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How can I make splayed side for a round tray?

My wife and I bought furniture for the first time recently since moving in to our new home 2 years ago. It’s a living room set including a large ottoman measuring about 40" square. She decided that will be the coffee table and she wants me to...

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Handle ideas

As some of you may know, I’m building a cantilever sewing box for the wife. I’m at the point where I need to attach the carry handle, but I’m having a problem designing the actual handle itself. Basically, the problem is the stock is square, but...

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From the Neighbor's Thorn Bush

These are photos of pieces of the neighbor’s thorn bush, as it was being cut and thrown into their trailer for a trip to the dump. The last time I this much yellow was after applying a liberal dose of dye to a project. The wood seems to have...

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I picked up a Handler unit off craigslist for a hundred bucks. I already had a Red Wing dental lathe (buffer polisher), which I used frequently, but it was just the dental lathe with the after market left and right spirals I’d installed (for a...

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Hi Everybody

Hello! I’m Tim. I’m a former Paramedic, former Navy Corpsman, and I spent almost a year working in a refurbishing shop, where I did a little cleaning, soldering, shaping, and finishing, mostly stainless steel. (To be fair, I wasn’t all that...

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History: Oldest Woodworking Tools

I did a quick search for “Oldest woodworking tools in history” and look what I came up with .. Ancient Egyptian Woodworking: Primitive Lathe Roman Plane...

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I recently started to turn a bowl from a piece of lacewood , it is the first time I have run across this wood. I can not figure out how to get it to stop (fuzzing) I have gone as far as sharpening after every pass. I can’t run a shear with my...

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Dust Collection - Alternative to Blast Gates

I have a box of metal and plastic blast gates for four inch hose. I bought them to set up a dust collection systems for my three dust collectors. I started with the three three horse, four bag collector, which collected dust and debris from: 1)...

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The Best Finishing Gloves Money Can Buy

The topic of gloves in the work shop has been beaten into the ground. The one area “most” seem not opposed to their use, and reasonably so, is in the matter of finishing. A little stain or dye goes a long ways. Sometimes, about a week of...

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A Late Hello

Hi fellow woodworkers. I joind a couple of weeks ago but didnt get around to a intro. Im Rob and live in the heart of the Cotswoulds in England. Always had a intrest in woodwork from school. first 2 jobs while getting my qualifications were...

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Carvings by Levi

leather chaps?

Does anybody wear leather chaps for carving? Biker or western, just to save some wear and tear on jeans and maybe a little protection from tools of the trade and moving logs around? What are your thoughts?