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Martin Sojka

Historical Marquetry & Intarsia Furniture

I’ve visited one of the most beautiful manor houses in Betliar, Slovakia yesterday and took some photos of the amazing and richly marquetry-intarsia decorated furniture pieces. Enjoy… ...

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Marquetry: OHH!! This is how it is done!!

Paper thin ….. complex designs … multiple sheets at a time. Uh huh….

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Uwe Salzmann

3D Marquetry

Hello, I finished all my work only with hand tools. I love the Work with veneers and finished for some time marquetry with 3D effect. I’ll show you a box with a 3D marquetry. This gives the impression that you can see into the box. Greetings...

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Inkscape for marquetry drawings

Paul and Roger Just to continue our discussion about computer programs for making marquetry designs. I downloaded Inkscape and have been fooling around with it a little. One nice surprise was when I used the bitmap option. I wanted to see if...

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Waster material for marquetry packets

The tar paper that looked so promising (shown below) and was the right thickness did not work out as well as I had hoped. I made a 5 layer test packet without veneers and found that it gooed up my blade, so onto plan B. I finally was able to...

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I won two awards!

The winners of the 2015 Veneertech Craftsman’s Challenge were announced today at the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas and while I didn’t place “in the money”, I did manage to win special judge’s awards for my jewellery box in the marquetry category and my...

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My introduction

Hello Everyone! My name is Andulino and I’m from Hungary. I have been making marquetry for 12 years. This is my the main profile. I love my job and i couldn’t anything else to do. I hope you’ll like my creations. If I did catch your...

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Liability of teaching a class in my shop - Canada

Last year I gave a chevalet demonstration at a local fine art show where I was asked several times about giving courses etc. This year I have been asked to do a longer demo in which I will include some hands on time for interested viewers. I will...

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A Late Hello

Hi fellow woodworkers. I joind a couple of weeks ago but didnt get around to a intro. Im Rob and live in the heart of the Cotswoulds in England. Always had a intrest in woodwork from school. first 2 jobs while getting my qualifications were...

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Painting with wood method or alternatively patches packet

My next marquetry project will be using the painting in wood method (patch packet). It’s relatively large and I don’t want to use veneer as wasters for each layer as I’m trying to save on my limited supply of veneers. It hasn’t been easy to find ...

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Chevalet Demos at the Sooke Fine Art Show

Some photos of my chevalet demos at the Sooke Fine Art Show on Saturday. There was lots of interest and several people took course outlines and registration forms for my new marquetry courses. I’m building four new chevalets to allow me to have...