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Mortise and tenon

Is it possible to make mortise and tenon joints without a mortise machine or drill press? I know I can cut the tenons on the table saw, but what about the mortises? Router table with a straight bit and chisel out the corners? Any tips for this?

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David E.

Mortise and Tenon on curved top rail

How would you go about doing the M&T joints of the back slats on a bench back with a curved top rail, like the one shown below? Thanks! David

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Jeff B

twin bed project

Hello, I had mentioned a while back that I’m working on a solid cherry pedastal bed. Lots of folks seemed interested in the project, so I thought I’d post a few progress pics. :-) That’s the headboard parts dry fit together. All the mortise...

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What kind of hand saw for this job?

I’m planning a cantilevered pergola for my backyard modeled after the one in the photo. I designed it and bought the materials yesterday. I have a good handle on how to get it assembled (figuring out how to get the rafters up by myself was the...

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Kreg system

Am I being a snob thinking that Kreg joinery is not proper joinery? To me it seems that it can not be as strong as the more traditional kinds like the mortise and tenon, to name just one.

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Need help with draw pegs

I have a job building a screen for a roof terrace deck. The screen covers a mechanical bulkhead with AC condensers on the roof of the bulkhead. So far I have all my layout done and the upper section is done. The wood is cedar. The lower...

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David L. Whitehurst

Drawers Etc.

I’m making a toolbox for my woodworking tools. It’s 32" wide, 12" deep and 24" tall. I have made 4 framed floating panels (12″×32″) – 2 for the back, one for the bottom front and one for the top front (swings out or up, not sure yet). The top...

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Jeff Vandenberg

Woodworking Drawbore Joinery

Woodworking Drawbore Joiner (as noted workbench magazine copy right) Workbench Magazine featured two projects that were joined using an “old fashioned” technique: drawbore joinery. They used it to join the parts of a screen door, and to join...

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Post-Project Shop Reset; Optimizing the Small Shop

The following covers two areas: getting my shop ready for the next project, and optimizing the small shop. Post-Project Reset We each have our procedures; one of mine is that after every project, I reset the shop. The reset includes re-touching...

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Stoopid mailman tried to kill me

So I’m in my garage with the door open cutting hinge mortices for a door I made a while ago and finally getting around to hang. I use the hinges with a 5/8 radius so I cut them with my router and a template to get nice, clean, round edges....

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Spent $91 today!!

Best $91 spent ever! So i went for a router and some misc small clamps, but walked away with all this!! Had to share, i was stoked!! First the router, its a like new porter cable, 1.75HP, with fixed and plunge base, all the tools, 1/4 &...