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Pallet crap

Ok, what do you do to treat / prep pallet wood to make something out of it.

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Pallet Freak

Mark here and I’m 72 and mostly retired. I build a lot of different things exclusively from reclaimed lumber. I mostly deconstruct pallets, crates and large one off pallets used to transport heavy machinery. I have used old signs, mirrors, or...

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Jeff Vandenberg

Pallet wood builds

Has anyone started the pallet wood build yet. I have my pallet but im being pulled in ten different directions. Im hoping to get the build done before the dead line.

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Does anyone use pallets?

My wife has been bugging me to do some pallet projects that she saw on ipnterest or somewhere. Today I picked up 10 free pallets of a craigslist ad. I think I bit off a little more than I can chew with these things. They’re difficult to...

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pallet wood good or bad?

I’m nearing completion on my first pallet wood project – a table lamp that I’ll post here when finished in a few days. It’s the first time I ever used pallet wood and I have to say that I’m extremely disappointed. The wood itself is very nice....

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I made my third mallet this week. If it looks similar to my first one, it’s because it is very similar, but I changed the handle slightly and used pallet oak instead of maple. I know there are some beautiful mallets out there. Let’s see them. I...

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Which to buy first?

Hello all, I am slowly building up by tools and have been watching video’s of a Jointer/Planer and a Thickness Planer. Which do you buy first? I keep thinking the Thickness Planer, but then I can’t straighten boards – if I get the...

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I still suck at telling what type of wood is. This was given to me and so i don’t know what kind of wood it is. First is this: Second is this, has a slight burgandy tone to it: And last is this, recovered from a...

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James L Wilcox

Heavy Duty lid Hinges and Stay

Looking for help. I have created a coffee table w/ a gun cabinet. I have a coffee table top that is swung open to reveal the cabinet. Now the top weighs in at a hefty 40lbs and I need to get hinges and a stay to support that weight. The overall...

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Reclaimed lumber finishing

I have a client that wants some shelving made with reclaimed wood. The apartment is in the seaport in downtown Manhattan. The lumber, which she is supplying, is apparently from a pier nearby, is mahogany and has a nice grayish patina. She wants...

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Preparing for Spring

Warm weather isn’t to far away so I’m getting a head start. Me and and my 7 year old son have been busy busting pallets apart and pulling nails. We are stock piling the wood so this spring we can build a privacy fence and a few furniture pieces…....

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Any idea what kind of wood this is?

My son-in-law has access to some mahogany pallets from his work. With some resawing and planing there are some nice boards produced. I’ve made quite a few things to include a bar top from those boards. This weekend he brought me this board. ...

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Lessons learned...or what every new woodworker should know...

I have been accused of having a bit of a sense of humor in the past. If I can’t laugh at myself, well, I might as well die. I compiled a short list of things every new woodworker should know. Some of them are things I have learned from experience...

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Wonderful surprise

I just got home from a 10 day golfing trip with 20 guys I went to school with and had a wonderful surprise waiting for me. Brian made and sent me a beautiful mallet that you must see. One of the special things about it is the wood came from a...

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The Story of the Defective Switch and My Attempt to Return It to Peachtree

I was at the Woodworking Show in West Springfield this past weekend. I was looking for a large paddle switch to turn off my table saw. Peachtree has always been my “go to” company for things like this. So I purchased a Fulton Power Tool Switch...