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Narinder Jugdev


Wishing you all a very safe and peaceful New Year. From Narinder in the Trimandcraft Woodshop in Canada🇨🇦 Cheers🍻

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Narinder Jugdev

Thank you very much

Thank you for the member of the week selection. I do enjoy the site and all the creations that everyone shares. Wishing you all good health and peace as the holiday season is just around the corner.

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The Story of the Defective Switch and My Attempt to Return It to Peachtree

I was at the Woodworking Show in West Springfield this past weekend. I was looking for a large paddle switch to turn off my table saw. Peachtree has always been my “go to” company for things like this. So I purchased a Fulton Power Tool Switch...

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Wheaties  -  Bruce A Wheatcroft   ( BAW Woodworking)

Trash can placement

A simple but often over looked problem . You like to keep your trash can close so you can just drop whatever in it . But not too close . I had A Starrett 12 in ruler some how slide of the work bench . Fell right in the trash . So I relocated the...

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Becoming a professional woodworking or not

As a professional woodworker many times over the years I’ve had a good number of people ask how they can become a full time woodworker,the answer is not simple. Most of the time my response to their question is “don’t wreck a wonderful hobby by...

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Is Scott Phillips (American Woodworker) preventing new wood workers from learning proper Joinery ?

Having a rather lazy 4th of July I decided to watch some TV. As I flicked through some channels I saw Scott Phillips making a project,so I thought I’d see what he was up to and wanted to see if he changed his approach to joinery from the last...

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Congratulations on the site!

I just wanted to say thanks for the invite and congratulations for the new endeavor. As members – WE are the ones who are going to make this site successful, informative and fun. I have seen so much talent here on the web that I am sure having a...

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Lowering your Table Saw Blade

I have a couple questions on lowering your table saw blade. 1. How many of you lower your table saw blade beneath the table once you’re done working with it? 2. What is your reason for lowering the blade? This week I was working on a box,...

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SketchUp alternative for Linux users

I am getting back to woodworking after a few years away. Seems that many things are different, and lots of people like to either design or share designs in Sketchup. Let me start by saying that I am not interested in starting a war, and if what...

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I won two awards!

The winners of the 2015 Veneertech Craftsman’s Challenge were announced today at the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas and while I didn’t place “in the money”, I did manage to win special judge’s awards for my jewellery box in the marquetry category and my...

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Western Norway on a blustery day.

We had a visit from my wife’s American 2nd cousin and his wife for a couple of days. We showed them around our part of the country (the west coast of Norway) and we saw a couple of things I thought you might enjoy. Our first stop was Egersund,...

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Glen Pye

Building a new workshop

Well…in an effort to keep the missus happy “we” decided to buy a new house and move. It’s been about a month now and we are pretty settled in except for one, in my mind, major drawback. I lost my workshop. All my tools and supplies are...

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Planer blades welded onto spindle

I haven’t been doing really any woodworking all summer, but now that the weather is changing it’s time to come back inside and get back to work. Last spring I made a couple of things using African super hardwood ekki reclaimed from a pier in the...

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Martin Sojka

New Feature Alert: Activity Logs

Ever wanted to see your WoodworkingWeb activity history on one place? Well, now you can. You can find your latest activity on your profile page (Me → My Profile) and clicking on ‘view all’ will show your complete activity history. ...

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Inlay using coffee grounds...

I’m very new to this forum and I’m not to sure if this is even in the right category, but wanted to share a little test project I did using coffee grounds as inlay material. A while back, another wood worker had come to our shop to have me use...

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Oh no! Cracked cutting board

I just arrived at my parent’s place and gave them the cutting board and we washed it, then no more than 20 minutes later it cracked on both the left and right sides in about the middle of the board, and the board itself is now warped. What...

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Martin Sojka

Happy Holidays from WoodworkingWeb

We want to wish you a healthy, safe, and happy holiday season filled with joy and surrounded by loved ones. We’re so happy that you selected WoodworkingWeb as your online place to share and discuss your woodworking journey. Have the sharp...

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History: Woodworking in the 1600's

You know how the internet goes, you start out one place and you end up at ….. woodworking in the 1600’s! Of course! This is a clip from the ebook “The Project Gutenberg EBook of Woodworking Tools 1600-1900, by Peter C. Welsh” “The boxmaker...

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A good week at the fair

I have made a total of three of these Jeffersonian bookstands. Donated the first two and I entered the third one in the blue ribbon competition at the Salem Fair, which is the largest fair in the state of Virginia. It won blue ribbon 1st place...

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New dust collection system

We’ve been on a quest to upgrade our dust collection. There was a lot of back and forth about whether to go single stage or cyclone. Fortunately, I came across a great deal on an Oneida Super Dust Gorilla with a good amount of spiral duct. We...