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Bens Wood Pile

"Killing" the grain on pine boards

I am getting ready to do a small project with pine an stain it with red mahogany to give it a cherry appearance. I am/ going to use a pre-stain to avoid the bloching, but i was doing a little research and read about killig the grain. However i...

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Bird's Eye Pine/Knotty Pine/Pecky Pine: I'm Confused.

Recently I posted picks of the Wedding Card/Keep Sake box I made for a young couple. I made the box from Birds’ Eye/Knotty Pine that I found at Lowes, or Home Depot, earlier...

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Knotty pine

In my area of the world a lot of people like to use knotty pine to make furniture with as well as crafts and items sold at yard sales and flea markets. The price of knotty pine here is about the same as white oak. The material is often crafted by...

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Anti-fatigue mats

It seems the older I get, the less I like standing on concrete all day. Since my dream shop (with pine flooring) remains a dream, I’ve been on a quest for the best anti-fatigue mats. After trying several different styles and brands I finally...

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In praise of local lumber shops

In my town there is one lumber store that sells more than just construction lumber and the pre-surfaced maple/oak/pine that is available at big box stores. It is owned by a pair of brothers, who are in their 50’s and who took it over from their...

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Dovetail practice

What kind of wood is best to us for dovetail practice? Pine is cheap, but doesn’t really translate to most nice woods because it’s so soft, but I don’t want to spend a lot of money on practice wood. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Face Frames

Need to make some face frames for an entertainment center, wondering what is a good inexpensive wood to use. It will be painted white, so don’t need anything pretty. Would a pine be strong enough and last? Thanks for the input!

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Looking to make a sleigh bed for me and my wife

I am an novice wood worker and I am looking for advice to build a king size sleigh bed for me and my wife. Most of my creations rarely leave my garage workshop. Muns you we just moved so my workshop has not been set up yet. I am working on a...

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Is teak ok to use for a baby cradle?

Hi all, We have our 1st grand baby on the way in July. I want to make a swinging baby cradle for my daughter. I have enough teak to make the cradle and am wondering if it is an ok wood to use. The cost of wood here in Washington is just...

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Russel Trojan

So Here I Am

I’m not exactly sure what to say as an introduction, since as it turns out I have found myself to be rather unremarkable. Still, it would seem that certain information is relevant to context at hand. I have been fiddling with woodworking for...

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Jeff Vandenberg

Woodworking Drawbore Joinery

Woodworking Drawbore Joiner (as noted workbench magazine copy right) Workbench Magazine featured two projects that were joined using an “old fashioned” technique: drawbore joinery. They used it to join the parts of a screen door, and to join...

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A Late Hello

Hi fellow woodworkers. I joind a couple of weeks ago but didnt get around to a intro. Im Rob and live in the heart of the Cotswoulds in England. Always had a intrest in woodwork from school. first 2 jobs while getting my qualifications were...

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radiant floors and dinning table

Good afternoon. I am building a 4×8 x21/4 single slab live edge pine farm table for my wife . The wood is approx 8% moisture as it sits in the shop . My question relates to radiant heat and this table . My house is heated with radiant floors with...

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Jeff Vandenberg

Woodworking Oil Stains

Woodworking Oil Stain (workbench magazine copyright) There are lots of wood stains on the market these days — gels, water-based — but the bread and butter in my shop is oil-based stain. Nothing fancy. Just your basic off-the-shelf stain that’s...

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Wood is good.

Here is a Hutch I made for my church to raffle off. Made from 1" X 12" Pine boards. I made this table for a friend. It is six feet long and has two 18" extensions taking it to 9 feet.

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Big commission piece coming my way

I do not do my woodworking to make money because as we all know 99% of the general public will not pay for quality handmade pieces. That being said, I have a few pieces in an art gallery here and a few in a gift shop. So I get a call from a...

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Panel saw blade screams

My saw blades by Leuco just scream while running.Leuco techs. told me years ago to spray foam around the blade in the throat.Ha,ha…not doing that. Does anyone have any recommendations for a quieter blade?This saw blade is 12"-14" with 30mm.bore.

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Map with pins for members

I would have no idea how to start to do it, but on some other sites they have a map with pins showing where the members live. You could still remain anonymous, no address details or even your real name if you didn’t want to share any personal...

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an inspiration piece

anyone want to build and donate this to me??? :)

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Pin to Pinless conversion

Hi all, I have a Craftsman 16" scroll saw. A guy at Woodcraft said I should get a conversion kit, so I can use pinless blades. Somewhere, I saw a recommendation for a specific brand, but now I can’t find it. Can anyone here make a recommendation...