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planing w.o a planer

seems i need to do some planing. however i can’t justify $400 for a new planer. any low cost ideas??? thanks

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planing knots

I am new to woodworking and looking for advice….. I’m trying to plane a warped board to make something (have yet to decide what to make next), but there are a few knots in the wood that are giving me trouble while planing. Any ideas/advice as to...

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Lessons learned...or what every new woodworker should know...

I have been accused of having a bit of a sense of humor in the past. If I can’t laugh at myself, well, I might as well die. I compiled a short list of things every new woodworker should know. Some of them are things I have learned from experience...

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Saw dust

Just curious…what do you do with yours? I don’t have DC yet, but it is coming in the spring. I spend a lot of time sweeping up the shop and dumping the stuff in a 55 gallon plastic barrel on the shop porch. I have a very large garden, so a lot of...

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Resident Skills

I’ve commented, previously, that a Forum is defined by the skills and mentoring-willingness of its active members. And, there is the other side of that coin, that other members need to be asking the provocative questions to draw-out and provide a...

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Planer questions from the new guy

Hi everyone from Fergus Ontario, I’ve been a machinist for 25+ years now and last year inherited a bunch of wood working tools. A small table model Delta band saw, a craftsman 10 inch table saw and a Ryobi 10 inch planer. These are all probably...

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pallet wood good or bad?

I’m nearing completion on my first pallet wood project – a table lamp that I’ll post here when finished in a few days. It’s the first time I ever used pallet wood and I have to say that I’m extremely disappointed. The wood itself is very nice....

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This pretty much sums me up

I love all forms of woodworking and I practice as many as I can. I have yet to master any of them and I don’t expect to either. I enjoy using both hand tools and power tools and I’m not against computer controlled tools though I don’t have any....

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I've Got An Angle

I needed some angle cuts that extended well past the limits of most protractors. I haven’t been in school for more than forty years and never took geometry or any other class beyond basic math. As such, playing with complex formulas or compasses...

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L-square Stop - Depth Gauge - Table Saw Setup Tool

This tool serves several functions. It can be used as: - an edge stop for L-squares; - a wide gap depth gauge; and, - as a set up tool for table saws. This tool allows the user to, easily, lay out lines at ninety degrees off...

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Grizzly G0490X 8" Jointer with Spiral Head Review

GRIZZLY G0490X 8" JOINTER After a year of looking for a good jointer and losing out on three nice ones, due to procrastination, I finally bit the bullet and bought a new Grizzly 8" Jointer with the helix head. The model number is G0490X. The...

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Post-Project Shop Reset; Optimizing the Small Shop

The following covers two areas: getting my shop ready for the next project, and optimizing the small shop. Post-Project Reset We each have our procedures; one of mine is that after every project, I reset the shop. The reset includes re-touching...

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I recently managed to salvage some long scrap cut offs of zebrawood from the scrap pile where I buy my lumber. After planing I’ve managed to get a good bit of 1/4" thick by 2" wide pieces. Maybe 60’ or so. I’m looking at some ideas for boxes...

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Any idea what kind of wood this is?

My son-in-law has access to some mahogany pallets from his work. With some resawing and planing there are some nice boards produced. I’ve made quite a few things to include a bar top from those boards. This weekend he brought me this board. ...

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Sketch up

I have been playing with Sketch up for the last few weeks. Although frustrating at first I have started to become more efficient and I believe it will be very useful in the future in planning projects. I began to wonder how many others used it...

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TIPS .. working with the GRAIN

What are your tips/tricks, strategies, & questions re: working with the GRAIN — cutting, sanding, board direction, planing, highlighting…. ?

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Revisiting the Festool MFT/3

I’ve owned an MFT/3 for many years now, and recently sold it; for all of its many benefits and capabilities, I became frustrated with its many shortcomings. I’m in the minority, it seems, as I read glowing reviews – some by dispassionate reviews;...

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Jeff Vandenberg

Ever have a Questions about Titebond Glue

If you ever had questions about the titebond glues here are your answers. This come directly from What is the best way to disassemble a glue joint? The key to the disassembly of glue...

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Old Flatulent Individual

First posting here

Retired, well mostly. I am a relative newcomer to woodworking, started maybe seven or so years ago. I live in the Northeast and have all my life. I am a hand tool user primarily, using power tools to do the initial dimensioning. I just finished...

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Posting History

How do I see my comment/post history? Is there any hidden link or am I starring at it not seeing it?