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Jeff Vandenberg

Types of Lumber/ How to Tell

Lets review the types of lumber, flat sawn, riftsawn, and quartersawn. What do the names mean, and how do you tell them apart, and why should you care? The key to telling the difference is “reading” the end of the board. What you’re looking for...

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Help, I'm sawing and can't stop.

Hey, I may be new here but I’ve been around a long time. I’ve been doing wood working for about 39 years. I build furniture, boats, birdhouses, tables, and anything else that catches my fancy. Love working with wood. My wife is always wanting me...

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Howdy from South Central Texas

Howdy from South Central Texas! Been in, and out, of woodworking since 1983. I’m a former shop teacher (and school counselor) and taught wood for years, until 1997, as well as doing personal projects, and some production and commission work. ...

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David A Sylvester


I’ve bee a woodworker for about 40 years & loved every second of it. I’ve created some one of a kind projects & countless production runs. I started at 12 working with my Dad & step father making stuff for around the home & home...