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A Brand New [Fifty Some Year Old) Rockwell Delata 12" (36" bed) Lathe

What a nice couple days. Though I live in the toolies and, generally, find any good craigslist deals far distant, I looked at the list the other day and saw a Rockwell Delta 46-450 wood lathe for one hundred bucks and only a couple miles away....

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Jeff Vandenberg

card scraper sharpening

So a while back I bought a card scraper. Two weeks ago I bought a burnisher Rockwell 65. Now I have been watching many YouTube videos on sharpening the card. I tried one suggestion and it failed. So back to YouTube I went try the next. Humm...

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Glaros Studios


Hello everyone, just curious as to what peoples thoughts/opinions are on bandsaws. I currently have an old Rockwell 14" which has been fine but I’m finding more and more lately that I could really use one with both more hp and re-saw capacity....